A smiling dog

I’ve raved about Vermont before, and I’ll do it again. This weekend Colin and I went to visit his family for the weekend – we went on the boat all day Saturday on Lake Bomoseen which was amazing. There’s just nothing more relaxing than drinking some vino, eating some snacks and lounging on a beautiful lake. We had a minor problem when we were in the middle of the lake and the boat wouldn’t start, but other than that the afternoon went smoothly. We just had Colin hop out and pull us around.

Only kidding, we got towed back feeling like big Dorks with a capital D, but then Woodard Marine saved us – they let us use one of their (really nice) boats and we went back out there with a vengeance. We had some more wine, more snacks, more sun, more swimming and lots more fun!

A smiling dog! Is she not one of the cutest dogs you've ever seen??

Dugan is the star of the daily craic today!

Lake Bomoseen


Ready for the water :)

Protecting her fur from the sun


What a babe!

Hi Jean!

Really nice camp!

Hidden camp

The captain of our ship

Maxin' and relaxin'

After the lake we made a pit stop at Roxies Fries to get Maple milkshakes. I’m pretty sure they’re just vanilla milkshakes with Vermont maple syrup, so I guess they’re easy – they’re also 150% amazing. Such a delicious treat!


Dugan liked it too!

We had an amazing pulled pork dinner Saturday night and hung out on the back deck. :)

The wonderful bird house Mrs. T's neighbor made for her!

A cool sunset

The cardinals Colin and I gave Mrs. T for her birthday

Today we went to church, had delicious blueberry pancakes Mr. and Mrs. T made for us and then headed up to Chittenenden Reservoir, which is one of my favorite spots in VT. We brought Dugan Mae (Jean’s dog) with us and it was so fun watching her run and hop around in the water – she is a great little pup.

My only picture I got up at Chittenden before my camera died!!

Thanks to Mrs. T for the rest of the (wonderful) pictures!

Just gorgeous!

Fake background?

Dugan went in the water!

Col and Mr. T

Some big fish

My buddy and I

That’s all folks!

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