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Yesterday, (I know, I’m a day late – sorry Moldy!) was my youngest sister Molly’s 19th birthday! I can’t believe how old she is now! Mom and Dad, does it scare you that almost all your five children are in their TWENTIES?! Yikes!

Anyway, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful, amazing, intelligent, hilarious little sister Molly!!! I love you so much and I hope you behaved yourself at your party last night. ;)

Molly at I the weekend of her high school graduation! (I don't know why I'm standing like a weirdo??)

My gorgeous sister Molly with her new 'do from her gorgeous stylist!

And, today is my parents 28th wedding anniversary, so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the two most wonderful people ever! I hope you have a lovely day holding hands and telling each other how much you love one another.Β  Thanks for getting married and reproducing! I love you guys. xo

The happy couple!

The whole fam dam!

And, while I’m at it… Colin’s grandfather’s birthday is tomorrow, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Whelly!! Get ready to paaartaaay. :)

Happy birthday!

Well, I’m on the cape with Colin and his family, so I’m off to the beach! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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