We all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside

Country fest was this past Saturday atΒ  Gillette – it was both my first time at Gillette and my first MA Country fest (I’ve been to one in Philly a while ago.) It was a great time – I saw a ton of friends from college that I haven’t seen in a while, it was a beautiful day, and Brad Paisley was amazing (not to mention, Darius Rucker! And even though he’s a country singer now, he sang Hootie songs! We were pumped to say the least.)

Lookin' good!

Small dog

Big dog

Ashley, Liz and Matt

My girlfrands

Just lifting some weights

Pissed he got caught on the blog

Piggy back rides?

Group photo!

Hi friends!

Po Po being sneaky


Next up – Josh Turner! Colin surprised me with tickets, he’s the best!!!

What else makes Colin the best? A – He’s been a huge help with moving and B – He made the most delicious pasta dish (including the sauce!) for my mom, Meg and myself when my mom was up visiting! woopwoop


The proud cook!

PS – Don’t forget to enter the Jimmy Fund Fantasy Day at Fenway giveaway!

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