Casablanca, Smolak Farms & Food Inc.

This week, my sister Kelly and her wonderful boyfriend Brian have been visiting – it’s been so great getting to hang with them!

Last night we all went out to dinner at Casablanca in Andover. A – I friggin love Mexican food and B – I friggin love Casablanca. Excellent place, excellent service. We really enjoyed our meal and also enjoyed a ton of laughs – Meg was crying from laughing so hard most of the meal. She didn’t laugh hard enough to pee her pants though, which is good, because we were out at a restaurant.

Anyway, we decided to get these:

because Brian just celebrated his 21st birthday!!! Happy birthday BEM! :)

They were delicious! They were also HUGE. I felt like I could’ve dove right in and done a few laps.

Spicy habanero sauce oooweeee

Fun little fiesta!

Tonight, we went to the last Summer Chef Series at Smolak Farms in North Andover.  Chef Samuel Hunt of 15 Walnut was the featured chef – he did an amazing job! Even though it was raining, the event was still really great! There was a huge tent for everyone to hang out under and watch the food demo. We got a free sampling of a red wine (Clayhouse Vineyards Adobe Red, only $8.99, and very good!) thanks to the Wine Connection in North Andover. We also bought some food to munch on – I had the vegetarian minestrone and then peanut noodles and some of a lobster roll (which is funny because at work yesterday I was writing about Mexican food and had Mexican for dinner and then today at work I was writing about lobster and I had lobster for dinner.)


Heading in!

So pretty




Peanut noodles :)

Lobster roll

Samples of Caprese Salad with peach

So colorful

So when we got home tonight we watched Food Inc. It was SO interesting and SO made me never want to eat chicken again. Yay!

Food Inc.

Did you see Food Inc? What did you think of it all??

12 thoughts on “Casablanca, Smolak Farms & Food Inc.

  1. Fun! How did I not know about this!! We used to go to Smolak for ice cream when Brian lived in Andover, that place is awesome. I’ve been to Casablanca once, and I feel like I need to go back now :) Looks like a great time! Random, my husband’s name is Brian and both of our initals are BAM…close to your sisters bf!

    • It was my first time to Smolak and I loooved it – can’t wait to go back! And Casablanca – definitely worth going to again, the service was great and the food was excelente – I’m glad it’s so close, although that may be dangerous… And BAM! that’s so cool :) My initials are CMM – so lame! haha

    • Hahah it’s very true that it may make you not want to eat! I had chicken for lunch the day I watched it and could have thrown up during the movie (TMI, sorry!) I’m glad I saw some of it though, now I have a much better understanding of how the food industry works (because I honestly didn’t know much before the movie.) It’s scary!

      Smolak Farms is GREAT! When you go, we should go together!

  2. Loved the drinks at Casablanca, but didn’t have a great food experience there…kind of like a lesser version of Border Cafe? But maybe I missed something. I’ll give it another shot based on your review as it’s in my neck of the woods too :)

    • Their drinks are real good! That stinks about your food though!…I got a chimichanga (and the only other time I’ve gone I got the same thing…) so I can really only speak on the chimichangas behalf! Let me know if you try it out again. :)

  3. Ive never been to CasaBlanca, but my boyfriend lives in Andover and Im trying to convince him to go!
    Never seen food Inc either, but I hear it is eye opening.. Personally I havent eaten meat in 18 years… I have thought about going back to it, but it just grosses me out.. seems so unsanitary.. Great post!

    • Thanks so much, Athena! Casablanca is reeeally good. It’s our go-to Mexican spot. Food Inc. was super interesting. Funny thing is, even though it totally grossed me out at the time – I still love meat! I’m a wacko. But I just couldn’t live without cheeseburgers! Haha.

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