Movies & Music

I love movies, I love music and I love lists. So, here is a top ten list of some amazing songs from some movies: (Without repeating any from the last music list…)

1. “Joy to the World” Three Dog Night, from The Big Chill

2. “Jump Around” House of Pain, from Mrs. Doubtfire

3.ย  Both of these count as 1 entry – “Oh Maria” and “Joyful, Joyful” from Sister Act 1 & 2

4. “Loverboy” Silvia & Mickey, from Dirty Dancing

5. “Jump in the Line [Shake Senora]” Harry Belafonte, Beetlejuice

6. “You’re My Best Friend” Queen, The Breakup

7. “Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta” Geto Boys, from Office Space

8. “Twist and Shout” The Beatles, from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

9. “The Babysitting Blues” Elizabeth Shue, from Adventures in Babysitting

10. “Blinded by the Light” Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, from Blow

There are a million other great ones. I keep thinking of more, but I’ll control myself and keep it to 10.

What’s one song you love & every time you hear it, it reminds you of a certain movie?

9 thoughts on “Movies & Music

  1. OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVE the Babysitting Blues! Adventures in Babysitting is one of my favorites, I can legit watch it anytime and never be sick of it. I think you’ve inspired a music post for me! =)

  2. Anything from Dirty Dancing! I was at a wedding last wknd and they played Time of my Life, and I kind of acted out the whole last dance scene and got a little weepy that Patrick Swayze is dead. Yeah. I have definitely seen that movie 100 times.

  3. Funny – whenever I think of “Joy To The World” and the songs from Sister Act, I think of St. Mary’s. I remember singing a censored version of “Joy to the World” in music class, where “I helped him drink his wine… and he always had some mighty fine wine” was changed to “And I always had a mighty fine time… yes, we always had a mighty fine time.”

    I don’t remember if you were in chorus the year we all had to dress up as nuns and sing songs from Sister Act! I actually recycled the costume a few years ago for a Halloween party.

    • Hahahah YES I remember the censored version! Was that Ms. Sherman’s doing?!

      Also – good call on the nun costume!

      And yes to “Unchained Melody” what a great scene in a great movie. Gotta love Swayze.

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