We’re all in this together

When something bad effects my family, I just want to take them and put them in a little bubble and make sure that they’re okay and that nothing bad will ever happen to them again. Do you ever feel like that?

There are things I wish some of my family members never had to experience. Hardships I wish I could take away. Sadness I wish didn’t exist. Pain, anger, frustration, anxiety – I wish I could make them all disappear.

One thing I know though, is that even though things get tough sometimes, even though there will always be obstacles lurking around every corner, I know 150% that we’re always here for each other. My family and my close friends; they understand, they support, they help heal, and most importantly, they just make you feel better, happier. They let you know that things are going to be okay.

These random thoughts remind me of one of my favorite songs from Ben Lee, “We’re all in this together.” Enjoy! And happy weekend!

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