100 Days of Kindness

Yes there is good in this world.

Unfortunately, on the other hand there is also a lot of bad in this world. Sickness, war, death – sad things that happen to families around the world every single day. You can’t turn on the news without hearing about terrorism, drugs, rape, violence, shootings, etc. I don’t understand it. I wonder where all the evil comes from? Why such terrible people can even exist?

There needs to be a little more kindness and happiness in the world. Maybe I’m just young and naïve, but I hope that one day the positive will outweigh the negative on the news and in the headlines.

I’ve decided to stop wishing and hoping and instead, start helping out. I’m going to put my best foot forward and incorporate an extra dose of ‘nice’ in my life every day for 100 days. I’ll be smiling at people passing by, I’ll be holding doors for mothers with children in strollers, saying extra prayers for people who need them, helping out at the school Meg works at, volunteering at soup kitchens and shelters, taking the time –  even when I’m in a rush – to listen to a friend or family member who needs me. I will be nice. I will think of others needs. I will be a more pleasant person. Whether the act of kindness is big or small, a grand gesture or something more subtle, I will write about it here. I’m not an expert on kindness or being nice by any means. I just want to challenge myself to put forth a better effort to think of others and to bring more of the mentality I had during my volunteer year back into my life now.

I present to you: 100 days of kindness

I vow to post at least once every single day for 100 days documenting one nice thing I have done during that day for someone else. I’m going to post whether it be two sentences, two paragraphs or two pages. This is the daily craic people, not the weekly craic, so in an effort to 1 – do nice things for people and 2 – post more regularly, here I go on my journey of kindness…

My first nice thing: There is a man who I pass every day on my way to work. He’s always walking somewhere – I have no idea where, but he’s walking. Now, this man could potentially just be walking for exercise, but my gut tells me it’s not for exercise. Maybe he doesn’t have a car? Maybe he’s just wandering? I have no clue. Today I felt bad driving by him in my car with the heat turned up and a hot coffee warming my hands as I watched him walk. On one of the first cold days where I could see my breath, I shivered as I drove by this lovely man on his walk. So I decided my first act would be to say a little prayer for this man. Whether he is rich or poor, whether he is married or not, whether he has a great job, a terrible job, or no job at all – I decided a little prayer couldn’t hurt. Hopefully it made his day a little brighter.

21 thoughts on “100 Days of Kindness

  1. that’s so funny that you mentioned praying for the man you always saw walking. A couple of years ago I always saw this man walking, he looked like he didn’t have much money and I saw him in church a few times. I started to pray for him and a week later, I saw him driving a Mercedes! I think it was my prayers that helped him :)

  2. My first thought when I read this blog was- NO don’t give him a ride!!!! And then I realized how sad it is- that we can’t just stop and give a stranger a ride- A prayer for the walking man is good- now we need to pray for a world that lets us give a ride to a stranger!!! Colleen you da bomb!

  3. Love this post and the idea that it gives life to others. I find myself smiling at people all day long, hoping, wishing for a smile in return. I feel those are the people who get it, and share it with me, with us!

  4. 1st of all, I gotta tell Heather I laughed so hard I almost couldnt stop! I hope all our prayers work that well,please God!!
    2nd This is great Colleen, Im so proud of you& this is such a great way to spread a little JOY!! I look forward reading how many lives we can all touch by following your example!! Way to go!! & here are a few words of encouragement from “God Calling”: Be full of Joy. Joy saves. Joy cures . Joy in Me. In every ray of sunlight, every smile, every act of kindness. How many burdens can you lighten this year? How many hearts can you cheer? How many souls can you help? And in giving you gain.” Luv2all, Godbless

  5. I’m gonna try to keep up with you. 11.01.10 – I brought Pa to the doctor. He said thank you and how much it meant to him over and over again. Taking a half hour out of my day really made his day.

    • Kelly you are soooo good with him. He really can drive you crazy! I called the Drs& tried to straighten out his rxs& youd think he won lotto, he was so happy! Thanx sweetie. Godbless.

  6. Cannot wait to read all about your 100 day journey. Makes me kinda think that I should do the same thing. Maybe I will. I’m always commenting that “I should have written a book” when things come up in my life. I guess its never too late. Good luck!! Love and miss you lots.

  7. day 2… Today I went to visit a dear friend that I havent seen in way toooo long! (I had so many errands to do & lots didnt get done but it was so worth it)
    Anyway, I took this beautiful, very pregnant young lady out for lunch, we had a delightful time& we finally got caught up, and I think she was happy to get out for a bit! 2people happy…priceless! :)

  8. Day 1…here goes. On the way home from school today, Luke and I stopped at Walgreens for a few items I needed. When we were sitting in the car, getting ready to leave, I started backing out and the women, who was parked next to me, started backing out also, definitely after I had started to. I stopped and waved her to go ahead. It wasn’t until I was pulling out of the parking lot did I realize that I did my first nice thing for someone. It just came natural, so it will be interesting to pinpoint the nice things we do for others every day for 100 days.

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