The Celtics! (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 3)

Ladies and gentleman, they’re baaaaaaaack!

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Thank the dear Lord; the Celtics have returned. I am more than excited. I am elated. My boys are back and I’m ready for a fun-filled, action-packed season. Rondo’s already had his first triple double (guess how many triple doubles he will record this season here), Paul (I can call him Paul because we’re good friends) is looking good, KG is keeping it together, Ray still has it, Big Baby has trimmed down a bit and is ready to go, Nate is bringing more energy than ever and let’s face it, Shaqachusetts is an exciting addition. He is a big, huge ball of greatness and I’m happy to have him.

Colin and I are headed to the game tonight! SO pumped. :)

100 Days of Kindness, Day 3:

Two things today. First, I decided to take some time on my lunch break to hang out with my friend Jess. She’s great and we hardly get to hang out because we’re both so busy. When we’re hanging out it’s usually at work and we’re talking about work stuff. Today we decided to have an out-of-office adventure and it was really nice to get to spend some time together! It’s important to spend time with friends and to get to know people from work in an ‘outside-of-work-don’t-have-to-always-talk-about-work’ environment.

Second, I decided I’d like to treat Colin to our favorite pre-game cuisine – Half Time Pizza. We usually go here before games to stuff our faces. Colin usually pays because he is awesome and too good to me. He’s my best bud. He does so much for me and I love to be able to treat him to delicious things like Halftime Pizza and a few beers once in a while, so tonight we will feast!

16 thoughts on “The Celtics! (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 3)

  1. :D I promise I won’t make you late to a meeting! Maybe we should start having more lunch time adventures? I bet there’s a lot of stuff we can do in an hour. Go Celts – hope you’re having fun!

  2. Day 3…I was extra patient & took the time to chat a bit(more) with all my ekg patients today& make sure they were all tucked in warmly(its chilly!) I volunteered to go shop for some containers for our boss, Rusty, this turned out to be a huge pain in my #@*…but I got it done. I finally ret’d some phone calls(&was rewarded with great news that my lunchdate from yesterday had her beautiful baby girl!) Now im going to be kind to myself& go to bed so I wont be cranky at work2mrrw. Gnite, Godbless! PEACE

  3. day 3- Today I gave up a few clients to some of the other assistants so they would have a chance at making money. I know this may not seem like a big deal but the more heads you help with the more $ you make by the end of the day. I hope the other assistants made some money to make rent, buy groceries, etc.

  4. day 4…Was very patient at work today!! plus, have been working hard to be the peacemaker in our little office, not ez. Also,I had an adorable 82 yr old patient, I told her how fabulous her hair looked(it did, for lying in a hosp bed!) She was so delighted, said I made her day…ps it was a wig!! I couldnt believe it, she told me she paid good $ for it!! :) Held the door for 3 GUYS2day! GOdbless!! PEACE

  5. I actually did 2 things today also. I know I did more, but I’ll tell you about my 2. Picture this, staying up late because I am waiting for the washing machine to be done so that I could put my clothes in the drawer. Now, its after midnight, and alls I want to do is go to bed, the wash is finally done, open the drawer and oh no, there is a load a clothes in there waiting to be taken out and folded. The last thing I wanted to do before I went to bed, but I took them out, folded them, and put them where they belonged. Something that I do often, may go unnoticed, but very much appreciated I am sure.

  6. No. 2…got out of work on time, headed home and did not have to go to football practice with Luke, since his season is over. Sat down for a few minutes and ended up watching Ellen, a show that I have not seen in forever. Sofia, from Modern Family, was on with Ellen. A girl I work with and I talk about that show every Thursday, so knowing how much she loves that show and Sofia, I called her and told her to watch Ellen. She actually was watching it already. We watched it alittle bit, while we were on the phone together, and boy did we laugh. That was fun.

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