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Today I tried a new lunch spot with my friend Jess at work. When we were there I saw that they carried Tate’s cookies, so I bought some and shared them with my co-workers when I got back to the office.

After work I hopped on a flight to Indiana to visit my sister Molly for the weekend. She is a sophomore in college and I haven’t had a chance to come visit her yet. So, I am really happy that I get to this weekend. I think it is always important to spend quality time with family members-especially when you are part of a big family. It is really important to spend one-on-one time with each individual family member. :)

I am off to enjoy my weekend. I hope you do the same!

*This is actually Megan! My first blog post-yaymutha! I am typing for Colleen while she is on the road. All thoughts posted on this blog are Colleen originals! I wrote exactly what she told me to, and even needed her to spell a few things ;)ย  Please feel free to check out my twitter @thedailymutha, soon to be an affiliate sister blog of The Daily Craic. I am launching my new card designs, and will post pictures this weekend. Stayed tuned…

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