The small things (100 Days of Kindness, Day 14)

With kindness on the brain, I feel like I’ve been noticing ‘normal’ ‘nice’ things all the time. I try to acknowledge them and tuck them away so I can remember them.

Today, Molly and I were at Target. The man behind me in line – the very large man behind me (he reminded me of Hurley from Lost) – was buying one thing: tampons. This big, burly man was buying tampons for his wife, girlfriend, sister – whoever. Very nice of him. A man on my plane tonight offered me help with my bag. Molly asked me about something she thought was bothering me. She listened to my babble. Kelly went to dinner with our Grandfather. My mother called Molly and I from London to say hi and check in. Colin picked me up – at a very late hour – from the airport. My post is a few minutes late tonight because of kindness. Colin and I gave a friend from college (who was surprisingly on the same flight from Chicago to Boston as me – was so nice to see her!) a ride home from the airport. All nice things. All small things that made a difference to someone – made them smile, helped them out, made them feel loved, appreciated, made their lives a little easier, brighter.

With kindness on the brain, I’ve been noticing these things, and I like it.

What did I do today? I took my fabulous sister Molly to the movies. We saw Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford. Very cute, witty, light. I liked it. :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Onto a new week – hope it’s a good one!

One thought on “The small things (100 Days of Kindness, Day 14)

  1. I loved this post!! Really warms my heart. I remember my Dad going to buy stuff for me…I was too embarrased&I didnt have the $ to spend on that stuff. He was so good like that& It may be something silly & mundane, but Im now sitting here getting warm fuzzy feelings about my Dad& I can feel his love from above(along with one of his classic wise-guy remarks! )Thanks Coll. luvu.Have a gr8day.Godbless

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