SOS (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 22)

5 words for you: Friends. Laughing. Dancing. Cupcakes. Heels.

This weekend was great. As seen here:

YUM Mix Bakery cupcakes


Birthday girl ready to dance!

The new face of PBR

Some of my favorite people ever

We stuffed ourselves with cupcakes from Mix Bakery, got all gussied up and headed out on the town. I even wore high-heels! I always plan on wearing heels, but I also always chicken out. This time I did it and even though I was the same size as Shaq, I wore them and loved it.

Fab evening all around.

Now onto my ‘kindness’ today…

On may way home from work I called my grandpa to chat. It’s good to check in every now and then. A few things I absolutely adore about my ‘Par’:

  • When you ask him what’s going on/how things are going his usual reply is “S.O.S” which means, “Same old S%#t”
  • He laughs after almost everything either he says, or I say on the phone
  • He answers the call “Helloooooo is that Colleen there?”
  • He always tells me how good it is to hear from me
  • He signs off “See ya later alligator” in which I naturally say “In a while crocodile”