No one likes to look like they peed their pants at work (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 30)

Because I am relatively lame – a perfect night to me consists of laying in bed, relaxing and watching a movie, which is exactly what I did last night (movie of choice = Eat, Pray, Love). Now add in the fact that this movie was one I was very excited to see (even wanted to see in theaters but never got around to it) about a book I had just finished (love seeing books come alive onscreen even though they’re usually not as good as the book itself, although in this case I think I did like the movie better) along with the fact that I made a delicious personal-size pizza and washed it down with a glass of wine. Such a good evening.



Another before...


Onto the kindness… So, you know when you’re in a public bathroom and somehow water collects along the edge of the sinks so when you go to wash your hands you get water all over yourself? Isn’t that really annoying?… I think it is. So, today when I noticed it was happening in our bathroom at work I decided to wipe it all up. I wiped it up in the morning and then again this afternoon when I noticed it happened again. Why? Might you ask… Because no one likes to get their clothes all wet and look like they peed their pants at work.