A kind guest post! (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 31)

My darling sister Kelly’s darling friend Janine (from the fabulous blog, finding my phocus) has been kind enough to not only do something kind but to share it with the daily craic-ers! Find out what she did today below…. (ooh and check out her hair transformation courtesy of Kelly here). Thanks so much Janine, I really appreciate you joining in on the 100 Days of Kindness fun. :)


First of all, I would like to thank Colleen for allowing my guest post on her wonderful blog. 100 Days of Kindness was such an excellent idea, everyone should take part in this! It’s amazing how far one tiny act of kindness can go.

Well, it seems to be a typical rainy, windy Tuesday here on Long Island. Most mornings, I wake up around 5:45 and drag my tired little butt out to play nanny. The two boys I look after are a lot to deal with in the morning, but that’s what comes with the job, right? After surviving breakfast, the boys got dressed and I drove them to school. On my way back home, I saw three garbage pails rolling around the middle of the street ahead of me. Cars were literally coming to a screeching halt to avoid crashing into them. I noticed a woman rushing about, getting kids in the car and locking the front door. I pulled to the side of the road by her house and brought the pails to her driveway. As I dashed back to
my car, an attempt to avoid the inevitable water drench, I heard “Thank you so much!” Although I did not do this to get recognition, it is always nice to be appreciated (even for the little things)!

To all those par-taking in the 100 Days of Kindness- keep it up! I’m going to leave you with a little rainy scenery of my neighborhood. Have a great day everybody!

I may or may not have left the house wearing two different sneakers. How
embarrassing! (Keep that between us)


Thanks again Janine! Anybody else interested in guest posting about their acts of kindness, let me know, I’d love it! dailycraic@gmail.com

Today my kindness was going to 7-11 to fetch a few drinks for my co-workers. I mean I was going to grab a coffee anyway, so why not! I treated my friend Jess to some delicious Popchips (Jess chose salt and pepper flavor, I chose sea salt and vinegar – soo good) and a fountain soda as well (fountain sodas are thebomb.com who’s with me on that?)