My big brother (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 35)

I finally feel like a real blogger. I got cards from Vista Print. They were free, so that was pretty fab – all I had to pay for was shipping! So, if you’re interested in trying out some personalized cards, I would give Vista Print a try.

I think they’re cute. What do you think?

Woop woop!

My kindness today:

My big brother Pat is awesome. He is literally the funniest person I know – he can make you laugh even if you’re fighting with him – with five kids in the family, surprisingly, fighting happened every now and then – and that’s the last thing you wanna do. He just knows how to crack the right joke. Knows how to put a big smile on your face. :)

He’s the type of person everyone loves to be around. He’s known as ‘Big Pat’ in our hometown, as ‘PDiddy’ to the family and as ‘Shrek’ (he’s 6’5″) to all of our little cousins. I think that says it all. Pat is just an extremely lovable guy.

I am so proud to say that he has quit smoking! He is going strong on one month of no cigarettes at all. After smoking for a while, I could imagine how tough this is and Pat, I just want you to know that we’re all so happy that you’re doing this, so please keep it up! You really can do it. You should be proud of yourself!

So, today I’m sending Pat a card for extra encouragement and motivation. I love you brothaman!

Meg and Matt's rehearsal dinner

Little sunburnt

Back in the day

7 thoughts on “My big brother (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 35)

  1. We are sooo HAPPY that Pat is doing this,and its great that you wrote about it Coll. Thanx Sweetie. Love the pic from our Selden house..Hard to believe you guys were sooo little,ever! We saw a baby(with tons of hair!) at Fr Jerrys parish today,both Dad&I said how she looked like you. Took Jerry to lunch&stopped in to wish Aunt Nancy a Happy Bday. Hope you enjoyed a nice relaxing wknd. Godbless. luvu

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