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I’m not always the biggest fan of doing semi-uncomfortable things like giving a guy from work a ride home and worrying that the half hour drive in the snow will be an awkward one. But, one of my co-workers asked for a ride (his car is in the shop) and I was going where he needed to go, so I said of course!

It’s funny – you work with some people on a daily basis and literally know nothing about their lives outside of work. Then, someone asks you for a ride home and boom! You learn they have three siblings, lived in California for a while, loves Phish and has a Droid. It’s funny.

In other news…

I can’t believe we’re getting more snow!

Didn’t Rosario Dawson, Sofia Vergara, and Tina Fey look gorgeous at the SAG Awards? My favorite was probably January Jones (she is so fab!) and friggin’ Natalie Portman is the cutest thing ever.

I just responded to a tweet a little while ago, and won a prize from Popchips! I didn’t even know I was up for a prize! I loooove me some Popchips. :)

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