A lovely, sunny Vermont day

It’s quite a nice deal I have; I live near Boston, one of my favorite cities in the world. I get to go to New York to visit my family and  hang out in (our town) Babylon, take a trip into Manhattan for a show or to go out to dinner, or spend time by the beach in the summer. I also get to spend a lot of time in Vermont (where Colin’s from). I truly love coming up here for a weekend to get away from it all. It’s so different from where I grew up, which is one of the reasons why I love it. It’s wonderful spending time on Long Island, but then to balance it out, it’s also great to get to spend time in Vermont a whole different world.

Colin and I are on a constant rotation of MA, NY, VT – it keeps things fun, adventurous and interesting. Most importantly, we get to spend time with our families on a regular basis even though we’re all in different states.

Today was a lovely, sunny Vermont day. We went snowshoeing and (attempted to go) snowmobiling. I was nicely bundled up so I really enjoyed myself. As long as I’m not cold and bitching about it, I’m okay. :)

Vrooom vrooom

Let's go!

So pretty


Getting our snowshoes on

Such a fab little snow bunny

Sunny day

So snowy

Just beautiful

Blue skies

Stopped for delicious snacks of course

Snowshoeing away

A delicious power bar when we finished!

4 thoughts on “A lovely, sunny Vermont day

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  2. You must feel some of “Poppa Richards” Burlington blood running thru your veins!! He must get a real kick out of your weekends in Vt. I’m sure he is there in spirit when you are! I’m so happy that you have the Temple family as hosts when you are in Vermont. Sounds like you had lots of fun,fresh air and exercise, all blessings! And the pics are beautiful… Can’t wait for a New York visit from our Colleenie! Luvu Godbless

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