Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest

When I walk up the stairs to my front door and see a package waiting for me — I feel as excited  as a kid on Christmas morning, because I can’t wait to tear the package open and see what I got! Honestly even if it’s something I ordered for myself (but forgot I ordered) it still feels like a surprise.

I didn’t order this package, but I was pleasantly surprised! Sam Adams beer delivered to my doorstep? Why, thank you very much!

The Longshot American Homebrew Contest

Sam Adams has just announced the availability to purchase the Category 23 Variety six-pack from the winners of the 2010 Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest. Now you can try the two home brews that beat out 700 other competitors with their innovative and (obviously) quite delicious creations. Richard Roper’s (Georgia) Friar Hop Ale and Rodney Kibzey’s (Illinois) Blackened Hops beer were the lucky winners at the Great American Beer Festival — and their fab concoctions are now going to be sold at a store near you. Want to find them? Head to, click on the beer finder at the bottom left hand side of the page, insert your zip code, pull up a list of locations carrying the pack and your off to experience great new flavors.

A 6-pack of goodness

2 of each

Rodney Kibzey's 'Blackened Hops'

Richard Roper's 'Friar Hop Ale'

These two were great — the Friar Hop Ale was a bit of a hybrid combining the hoppy taste of an IPA with the fruity flavor of a Belgian, whereas the Blackened Hops is more of a combo of malt flavoring mixed with a bit citrus bitterness. Although these were a bit strong for me, I must say…I definitely did not hate them. Plus, my manly man boyfriend reeeeally liked them. And then on the other hand, I looooved Caitlin DeClercq’s (California native and Sam Adams employee) Honey B’s Lavender Wheat. It’s 100% right up my alley and truly is the perfect beer to sip while enjoying my favorite activity, relaxing. I would definitely buy this and drink it on a regular basis. :)

My favorite!

Jim Koch says,

“I started homebrewing the first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in my kitchen 27 years ago, and ever since then I’ve been passionate about creating unique and interesting brews that challenge the perception of what beer can be. We asked homebrewers to really push beer’s boundaries and brew their own one-of-a-kind recipes.”

It seems like they really did push boundaries and now it’s your turn to. Do you think you have what it takes to win the 2011 Samuel Adams Longshot American Homebrew Contest? I think you should enter! You have until May 20, 2011 — good luck!

And don’t forget, the 2010 Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest – Category 23 variety six-pack is available nationwide (or will be, beginning in late March) for approximately $9.99. Sláinte!

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