My inspiration board

I’ve been working on an inspiration board for myself for a couple of reasons:

  • I love collaging (if there were a job ‘Professional Collager’ I would make it my life mission to become the best ‘Professional Collager
  • Let’s face it: I’m pretty sure we’re all clear on one point – I need a dash of motivation in my life with a twist of inspiration on the side.
  • I have a TON of magazines and what on earth do you do with magazines after you’re done reading them other than collage?

I’m not quite done yet, but I think it’s coming along nicely…

Almost there...

Close up

I need to...SNAP OUT OF IT!

It’s a process. Just like re-inventing my whole attitude toward fitness. I’m getting there!

Have you ever made an inspiration board? What have you included on them? Do they help you?

4 thoughts on “My inspiration board

  1. Yup I’ve made inspiration boards. I also include pictures of myself with loved ones because it reminds me how happy and lucky I am. I also include pictures of vacation places!

  2. oooo la la, you ARE a good collager(???). I have 3 huge bulletin boards that I covered in a curry-colored burlap. I have them hanging in my little office space of my apartment and I swap out the inspiration as I find necessary. Definitely a good way to stay motivated! [chels]

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