A great weekend!

Colin and I went home to Long Island for the weekend to celebrate Heather’s birthday. It was a great time!

We even looked at a place to potentially have our wedding, the Bellport Country Club. :) We’ll see!

Heather's fabulous stylist fixing her 'do

Happy birthday!!!

Such babes!

Amanda and Joe came to hang out for the night!

Catie hung out too!

2 thoughts on “A great weekend!

  1. Hi Coll,
    I just sent Meg an email. We are so excited about the newest member of our “family.”
    Also, I told mom today about “The Commandment House”, at the Charlestown Navy Yard. We went to a family (Waters’ side) wedding there this past August. It was great. Everyone could stay at the hotel ( on the water), and walk to the wedding and all of the other affairs throughout the weekend. Check it out. It’s worth a look.
    love you,
    Aunt Jo

    • Thanks so much Aunt Joanne! Colin and I checked it out last night — looks beautiful! I emailed them for more info. If the price is right – it’ll be on the list!

      Hope all is well! Love you xoxo

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