Sel de la Terre

My friend Nicole and I have been trying to get together for so long now and we finally had dinner together recently! It was so good to see her and get to try out a new restaurant together. The start of the evening was a bit of a whirlwind – luck was not on our side. Couldn’t decide on a place to go, couldn’t find parking anywhere in the city of Boston, it was crappy out, etc. etc. However, after settling on a place, finally finding parking, getting to chat and catch up while enjoying a delicious meal at Sel de la Terre (Back Bay), then getting our parking ticket validated at Legal Seafoods even though we didn’t even eat there (that was so nice of them!) and then being surprised with free parking(!) after thinking we were going to have to pay at least $15 bucks…luck was finally on our side.

Check out the deliciousness:


Grilled flatbread pizza with smoked chicken, feta, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms and sage

Truffled späetzle "mac n' cheese"

Rosemary pommes frites

You should pay them a visit! And don’t forget to look out for them on Facebook and Twitter. :)

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