Cape time and happiness

I’m sitting here on the beach listening to the waves, absolutely basking in the sun. I’d like to soak up every last bit of summer if I can – I can’t believe it’s mid-August. Why does time go so fast when you’re a ‘grown up’?

As I sit here, I guess you could say I’m reflecting on my life at the moment. I am engaged to my love, Colin and wedding planning has been so much fun. I have a nephew on the way (in just a couple of weeks now!!!). My Mother is coming back from London finally (Dad, we want you back too!). I just attended a great conference in San Diego for work and got to see my big brother while I was out there. I have missed him so much and it was so darn good to sit down and catch up over a beer and a delicious meal. I have a good job and a new apartment we both love. One of my best friends in the world just came up to MA to visit and we had a ball! My family is happy and healthy and to me, that is most important. Not to mention the fact that I’m blogging while sitting on the beach in the Cape with Colin and his family. Life is good people, life is good.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging or I’m trying to rub the whole “sitting on the beach while you’re
at work” thing in you’re face, because I’m not. What I’m doing here is taking a moment. I’m taking a second to breathe it all in and realize how thankful I am for all that I have mentioned. It’s so easy to get caught up in the BS of everyday life. Just last week I cried because I made a mistake at work (I need thicker skin, I know). I bitched almost all day long on Sunday because of waiting at the airport and losing my bag. I skip the gym because of laziness and I deprive my body of the sleep it needs by staying up too late every night. I pick fights with Colin when I’m cranky. I take important things for granted.

But today, I’m filled with thanks. I am quite simply, happy.

8 thoughts on “Cape time and happiness

  1. Lovely post! And don’t beat yourself up about the thicker skin. From one girl who struggles in that area too….the journey to finding it, will be pretty rewarding too =)

  2. I spent this past weekend on the Cape (in the rain)! Ha! Oh well still relaxing. I blogged about it if you want to see. Also love your posts about London. I went on vacation there in May and had a blast. We saw Blood Brothers too! I found your blog through Boston Bloggers and clicked on it b/c I love your blog name!!! I look forward to reading more. Is there a way I can follow your blog?

  3. The world is a better place because you are here! No one is perfect & when you make a mistake, you fix it or ask for some help..people like you make
    great leaders…you are kind, loving & have a generous spirit. Im so proud you are my daughter, any one who has you working for them is both lucky & blessed! Cant wait to see you. Gnite, Godbless,love,Mom. PS”Gratitude is the Attitude”

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