A refreshing hike

Have you ever felt like you just needed to take a ‘time-out’ from life? I certainly have, especially recently. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately for reasons I won’t bore you with. However, I finally feel like the funk is coming to an end (hopefully anyway!) and this weekend really helped me with that. It’s all about the way you see things — it’s easy to suck yourself into the negativity that’s out there, and to forget about all the positive things going on in your life. Moving forward, I’ve decided to work on having a more positive outlook. Negativity is draining. I’m sick of it!

Anyway, back to the thought of taking a ‘time-out’ — this weekend Colin and I got up real early on Sunday, packed a nice lunch and headed to NH. We went to the same spot Colin had spent time fishing this past summer. It was a gorgeous day and the woods were quiet and peaceful. It was nice to spend time just walking and enjoying being with one another. It’s funny, I’ve never really considered myself an ‘outdoorsy’ person yet that’s exactly what Colin is. Over the years I’ve experienced more and more ‘outdoorsy’ type stuff because of him. I’ve remained open-minded and in turn, have allowed myself to enjoy these activities we do together. Now I like to hike, fish, snowshoe, go camping, etc. (Although, we haven’t gone hunting together yet…don’t think I’ll ever get that far, seeing as the only time I shot a gun I cried — oops!).

When you grow up and you find that person who fits you like a glove, who makes you happier than you could have ever imagined, and who overall compliments you and your personality — you don’t worry about the fact that you’re both different in some ways. I am finding out that you sort of embrace those differences — you learn from them, you continue to grow closer to one another through them, and most importantly (I think) they keep things interesting and exciting.

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