Valentine’s Day is around the corner…

For the most part, when the topic of Valentine’s Day comes up, very strong opinions are voiced; you either love it, or you hate it. Maybe you’re in a new, exciting relationship and can’t wait for it, or maybe you’ve just ended a relationship or have been single for a while and you’re dreading it. Either way, whether you’re happily celebrating over candlelight or cursing all of those ‘lovey-dovey’ fools in relationships — I hope you have fun!

Area Four in Kendall Square (500 Technology Square, Cambridge) is celebrating Valentine’s Day with “Bloody” Heart Pizzas, Breakup Banana Splits, and more. Here’s what they have going on:

“Bloody” Heart Pizza
Beef hearts, tomato sauce, caramelized onions, house made mozzarella, pecorino gremolata — Small $15; Large $23.50

Breakup Banana Split
Caramelized bananas, homemade vanilla  and chocolate soft serve, brandied cherries and homemade chocolate, marshmallow and salted caramel sauces — $10/person; up to 10 people

Beer Goggles
A beer and two shots (choice of Four Roses Bourbon or French Martini shots) — $16

Cocktails by the Pitcher — $35/each

Citrus Vodka, Sour, Vermouth, St. Germain, Mint Simple Syrup, Black Tea

Petal Punch
Silver Tequila, Peach Liqueur, Pomegranate liqueur, Chamomile Tea

Last Resort
Vodka, Vanilla Liqueur, Campari, Cucumber/Lemon/Lime Juice, Moscato D’Asti, Prosecco

Potion #9
Sparkling Rosé, Strawberry Syrup, Kiwi Purée, Lime Juice

Check out Area Four on Facebook and Twitter.

And are you still thinking of something to get your significant other? Col and I usually just do something small for one another, but if you’re looking to go all-out, here are a couple of ideas!

Guys — honestly, you can never go wrong with jewels. Gemvara has a ton of amazing stuff. I love the Naked Pave Petit Pendant from Naked Gems. It’s beautiful and can be customized with your choice of one or two different gemstones (17 total gemstones available) and your favorite metal (prices vary depending on the combo of gem/metal).

Daily Grommet has good ideas too:

The Objects with Purpose Dahlia Candle — a large three wick candle scented with organic rose and lychee. But this is not ordinary candle, it has magical powers — while it’s burning it melts into a perfume and body butter. Very cool!

This is a clever little gift (also found on Daily Grommet) — Moultonology Garden Bon Bons. These are little seed balls which are presented as chocolate truffles. All you have to do is place the Garden Bon Bons on top of soil, water, and watch them grow! Just make sure your significant other doesn’t eat them before you get a chance to explain. :)

One more fun Daily Grommet idea — Zipbuds Tangle-Resistant Earbuds which are headphones that have zipper integrated cabling. The zipper is substantial enough to resist knots so they won’t get tangled! Plus they are noise isolating which is such a key factor with headphones if you ask me.

Need a creative date idea? Passes to SkyZone would be fun and different. SkyZone is New England’s only indoor trampoline park with locations in Boston (91B Sprague Street, Boston) and Everett (69 Norman Street Suite 1B, Everett).

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day is around the corner…

  1. Colleen, Having lived in Ireland I especially appreciate a good dose of good craic. And as co-founder of Daily Grommet, you made my day for selecting such a nice roster of Grommets to share with your readers. Clearly they are a curious and adventurous bunch.

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