The Real Simple Simply Stated Blogger Contest

I used to be pretty good at a decent amount of activities when I was little. Maybe not even good, but I enjoyed many different activities. I played basketball, lacrosse, softball, tried soccer, swam etc. I was a proud Irish step dancer for years, and was a great student. I even won — ahem, ahem — Student of the Year when I was little.

Dancing away!

Dancing away!

I continued to participate in various clubs and sports in high school — basketball, lacrosse, and yes…even a brief stint with badminton (don’t hate). I was also in the National Honor Society and volunteered here and there.

I was recruited by a few schools to play basketball in college, and gave it some serious thought, but ultimately decided not to play. However, I did still get involved in school through leading retreats, going on service trips to volunteer in the Bronx, Chicago, and Tijuana, etc. Other activities sometimes included drinking games, and dance parties but that’s neither here nor there at the moment.

Volunteering in Tijuana

Volunteering in Tijuana

Once you graduate college and you’re in the real world its sort of tough to find activities to be involved with, or hobbies to really enjoy. Gone are the days of student council meetings, or planning our list of things to work on at the orphanage in Tijuana. Now it’s work, laundry, cleaning, paying bills, planning weddings, trying to find a date that works to have dinner with friends — adult stuff. I guess there are adult basketball leagues, corporate softball teams, or book clubs to join — but I haven’t really felt overly enthusiastic about anything like that. There are definitely different hobbies to take up — like knitting, crafting, cooking, reading, etc. — and I enjoy many of those, but haven’t felt the passion with them.

My hobby that I love so dearly, is writing. I started my blog in search of something to satisfy my ‘lack of extracurricular activities’ need. I love writing. Sometimes I find it hard to express myself in conversation — go figure for a college Communication major (I should be able to communicate properly right? Oops). There’s just something about writing that makes me feel at ease. I’m not anxious or unsure of myself when writing. I am the fully confident person I wish I could always be when speaking. Writing has truly turned into a passion of mine, not just a hobby.

I’m currently one of the nine finalists in Real Simple Magazine’s 2nd Annual Simply Stated Blogger Contest. I am truly honored to be involved in such a great contest hosted by one of my favorite magazines! I wrote a piece about Conan O’Brien while I was bored at work one day (sorry work!) in May, and re-read it over and over to make sure it sounded okay, looked okay, and was about 300 words. After I obsessed about it for a while (that’s how I roll), I emailed it off to Real Simple, and to be honest — sort of forgot about it. Then just the other day, I received an email from the editor saying that I was a finalist! I couldn’t believe it.

Blogger Contest!

Blogger Contest! {Photo courtesy of Real Simple}

When I write, I ultimately aim to make people smile. I hope that whether you’ve read my blog since I’ve started it, or if you’re a new person stopping by, that I have made you smile at some point. I am so happy to be in this contest, and so incredibly touched with all the support and votes I’m receiving! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

If you don’t mind voting for me, I would really appreciate it! I would love to win in order to blog for Real Simple, and let’s be real — the prize money wouldn’t hurt the wedding fund. ;)

Here is the link to vote! You are free to vote once every 24 hours. Thank you for support!

Team Coco For Life!


Conan! {Photo courtesy of USA Today}

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