T-shirt DIY

Ok ladies (and possibly gents), how many hours do you spend on Pinterest a week? I’d rather not disclose the amount of time I spend on the site, personally. Because I probably should get a life and do other things, but it just sucks me in every time. Anyway, out of all these hours spent on Pinterest, how many times have you seen a craft and thought to yourself, “I really want to do this. I want to re-pin this so I remember the idea, and then make it when I have free time.”? I’ve said that a number of times, and today I made my first craft as seen on Pinterest!

From Blogilates.com

From Blogilates.com

I saw this idea a while ago, and loved it! I have SOOO many old t-shirts that I can’t part with because they have so much meaning behind them (some from volunteer trips, some from old basketball teams, my time spent in Hawaii, etc). I might not want to part with them, but they also just sit in my drawer not doing anything — sounds pointless, right? Well yes, I thought it was pointless until I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought, “this actually looks like something I could make!”. The steps / pictures are clear and easy to follow, and it only took me about 10-15 minutes! Thank you Cassey from Blogilates.com!

I was dreaming of new workout gear today, so this was the perfect craft for me to do before my barre class. I wore it, and loved it. Can’t wait to make another. :)

Check it out:

My I <3 NY t-shirt

My I <3 NY t-shirt





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2 thoughts on “T-shirt DIY

  1. I’ve been wanting to make one of those too!! Rippa has been strutting her bum around in one she made and I’ve been so jealous — we should plan a Tshirt making day?!

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