Last week Meg and Matt rented a house on Fire Island (Kismet to be exact), so I got to spend a couple of days over there. Fire Island is a popular summer spot for Long Islanders. It’s only about a 25 minute ferry ride from Bay Shore (a town on the south shore of Long Island). Even though it’s only a short ride over, you really feel like you’ve escaped to a beautiful faraway beach town. It’s lovely! There is a very (very) limited amount of cars over there, the dress is always pretty casual, and the beaches are gorgeous.

Have you ever been? If not, and you’re looking for a calm, laid-back vacation you should check out a rental on Fire Island for sure. :)

Check out a few pictures from our visit:

PS: If you don’t mind, please take a second to vote for me in the Real Simple essay contest. THANKS EVERYONE!

3 thoughts on “Kismet

  1. Great pics! Declan looks like had a blast! Molly n Megan seem thrilled to be at the ocean! Glad you are resting up for the upcoming excitement! Btw those 6am classes were worth it. You look amazing sweety!

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