The {Amazing} Museum of Science

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — the Museum of Science is one of my favorite places in Boston. It’s just such a great place to visit — for all ages. Seriously, where else can adults visit with children (even babies) and be just as entertained as them? Not many places. It’s also so massive that there can be a ton of people there but you don’t feel squished, overwhelmed, or annoyed (like you can at other tourist attraction in Boston…sorry, but it’s true!). I recently visited the museum with two of my sisters, Megan and Molly, along with my nephew Declan. Declan is one year old (he just celebrated his birthday on September 8th!) and he loved it. We walked all over, saw a live animal show, and visited the toddler room. He really enjoyed roaming around in that! (He also really enjoyed our visit to the Cheesecake Factory beforehand :)).

Loving the Cheesecake Factory's bread!

Loving the Cheesecake Factory’s bread!

Hugs at the Museum

Hugs at the Museum

Another awesome thing about the Museum of Science is the IMAX Theatre. I LOVE it! They always have interesting movies playing. Colin and I saw one about Tornadoes there — Tornado Alley it was called.There was also a surfing film playing (last summer I think) that I really wanted to see and never got to. Such a bummer!

What’s playing at the Museum of Science right now?

Another awesome thing about the museum? The Planetarium. Check that out when you go!

What exhibits are currently at the museum? (Find out more specifics here.)

  • A Bird’s World
  • Bees
  • Beyond the X-Ray
  • Bradford Washburn: The Man Behind The Lens
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Cahners Computer Place
  • Catching The Wind
  • Colossal Fossil: Triceratops Cliff
  • Cosmic Light
  • Dinosaurs: Modeling the Mesozoic
  • Discovery Center
  • Energized!
  • Gordon Current Science & Technology Center
  • Innovative Engineers
  • Investigate!
  • Live Animal Exhibit
  • Making Models
  • Mapping The World Around Us
  • Math Moves! Experiencing Ratio And Proportion
  • Mathematica
  • Museum of Science: Then And Now
  • Nanotechnology
  • Natural Mysteries
  • New England Habitats
  • Science In The Park
  • Seeing Is Deceiving
  • Sun Power
  • Take A Closer Look
  • The Colby Gun And Trophy Room
  • The Draper Prize
  • The Light House
  • The Rock Garden
  • To The Moon
  • Weatherwise
  • Weems Animal Sculptures


Exhibit Halls — Adult (12+), $22. Senior (60+), $20. Child (3-11), $19.

Omni IMAX and Planetarium — Adult, $10. Senior, $9. Child, $8.

Visit the Museum of Science on Twitter and Facebook.

This is what you’ll look like after a fun-filled day at the museum:

Meg and Dec at the Museum of Science

Meg and Dec at the Museum of Science

The kind folks at the Museum of Science recently gave me complimentary tickets to visit, but as always my opinions are honest, and my own. I really, truly do LOVE the museum!

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