Let’s just straight up ignore the fact that I haven’t blogged since my wedding day, September 15th, and it is now almost November. Deal? Deal. The graduate fellowship program I currently am in is keeping me busy to say the least. I am in a room with 20 kindergarteners Monday through Friday, and then have class all night Monday and Tuesdays. I’m loving it, but my hands have definitely been full, that’s fo’ sho’.


I recently learned about a lovely jewelry website called John Wind Maximal Art. Have you ever heard of them? When I first visited their site I was sad, happy, and nervous. Sad because I hadn’t heard of the company, happy because I finally had, and nervous that I was going to spend too much money on it (those charm necklaces, those cuff bracelets!). They so kindly sent me a necklace to see how I liked their product in person — the equestrian necklace ($38) — and I truly love it. It is simple enough to throw on with almost anything, but then again different enough (how often do you see a necklace with a horse head on it?) to jazz up something plain that you’re wearing. Plus, I love gold so I was definitely down with that.

And did you know? Equestrian is all the rage this fall. Who knew I would be on point with any fashion trend?….And how do I know this? Glamour magazine of course! They know everything, and I always believe them. Always.



Check out the necklace for yourself:

Love it

Love it

Closer look

Closer look

My idea of jazzing up a casual outfit:

Flannel and gold

Flannel and gold

Like what you see?

Find John Wind Maximal Art on:



John Wind Maximal Art so kindly sent me my equestrian necklace for free, but as always my opinions are truthful, and of course — my own!

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