Preparing Our Home And Hearts — 36 weeks!

As I erased the “35” on our chalkboard and drew a big “36” this week, I suddenly experienced a moment of brief panic, followed by extreme excitement. Our little lady is going to be here so soon, and I still can’t believe it. I don’t think I will until I’m in labor (that should make all of this a little more believable!), or maybe not even until I’m holding her in my arms. We shall see soon enough…

What a wild and incredibly awesome journey this has been! I plan to enjoy these last few weeks I have of my pregnancy, and continue to prepare our home, and my heart for our daughter’s arrival.

Mother and Daughter, Self Portrait

Mother and Daughter, Self Portrait

As my due date approaches, I have been thinking of all the things I want to teach my daughter when she is here. There are so.many.things. I want her to know, to see, to feel, to hear, to experience. I can’t wait to share the world with her. Here is what I’ve come up with so far.

To my beautiful baby girl (name TBD!),

Life is not always easy, but boy is it fun! There are so many things I want to tell you about, and I haven’t even met you yet. Here are some of the big things I’ve learned throughout my twenty seven years of life. You will learn these on your own, I’m sure, but know that I am always here to help you through them. I will always be here to celebrate with you, laugh with you, cry with you, hold your hand, give you a hug, or just listen to you.

Here are some of life’s important lessons:

  • Things won’t be handed to you my little darling, especially important things. When you work hard, and are dedicated to something, amazing things will happen. Hard work is key.
  • Sometimes you will have to sacrifice in your life. Sacrifice is not easy (and usually not enjoyable) but if it’s for a worthy cause you will realize that and you do what you need to do.
  • Your father and I will always believe in you. Please believe in us.
  • Loyalty is what our family is all about. We stick together, and we stand up for one another. We are there for each other in good times and in bad just like the marriage vows your father and I recited on our wedding day.
  • One day we hope to give you siblings. You guys will be so important to each other. If your childhood is anything like mine, there WILL be fighting with one another. There will be arguments, roughhousing, stealing of clothes, tattle tailing, and other things that will annoy you. But, you know what? There will also be unconditional love, judgment free zones, laughing, trying on clothes, going on trips, goofing around, asking for advice, sharing words of encouragement, support no matter what/where/when. Siblings are a Godsend and I love all of mine with all my heart. You have many aunts and uncles waiting for you; Aunt Megan, Uncle Matt, Uncle Patrick, Aunt Kelly, Aunt Molly, and Aunt Liz (not to mention the wonderful boyfriends of your aunts – Brian, Nick, and John!) They are wonderful people.
  • You are already lucky enough to have two SUPER AWESOME cousins, Declan and Brian. They live two minutes away from us so that is going to be a lot of fun; you guys are going to be so good for each other.
  • (When you’re old enough!) You may have a crush on someone and it won’t work out. You may fall in love with someone and it won’t work out. But, believe me…that means it wasn’t the perfect relationship for you. That one is still waiting for you; sparks will fly, and your heart will fill so much you will feel like it’s going to burst. That’s the one. That’s how I felt when I first fell in love with your father.
  • Music can change your mood in an instant. For me, James Taylor, Jack Johnson, and John Legend help me relax. Dean Martin helps me cook in the kitchen. Beyonce helps me have fun and dance, and The Band often plays for me while I’m in the shower. The Beatles are always good background music, and Billy Joel always reminds me of where I’m from – New York. Bob Marley makes me feel like I’m lounging under the sun, and Miranda Lambert makes me feel like I could kick anyone’s ass! Dashboard Confessional takes me back to high school, Sublime back to middle school. Etta James makes me feel romantic. Johnny Cash is perfect for driving, and Salt ‘n’ Pepa is good for anything, anytime, anywhere. It’ll be interesting to see what music you will like in your lifetime.
  • You will choose a path in life. At some point, or a few different points, you may feel like something is wrong – you’re at the wrong high school or college, you want to make a career change, you’ve made a big mistake. That’s okay, this is your path. There will always be bumps along the road, but that’s what your support system is for. If you need help navigating, just ask. No one is too good to receive help from others. We all need it sometimes!
  • You may find it difficult choosing a college; there are so many choices. But please know you’ll probably have a blast wherever you go! And I will be home worrying my butt off wondering what the heck you’re getting up to. Your father and I went to college together, we had a lot of fun – we know how it goes. Please behave yourself! Always be smart. “Make good choices” as your Uncle Matt says.
  • In reference to college, your father and I made a whole amazing group of lifelong friends – and I know you will find your own amazing friends. My girlfriends from college are going to be with me the rest of my life; I truly hope you find that as well. Girlfriends are so important in life; you’ll see.
  • Be nice to people. No one likes a snot, or a mean person. Kindness always wins, and that is how I have always tried to live my life. There’s really no point in being mean, or unpleasant. So simplify…just be nice.
  • Laugh as much as you can! Be silly! It’s so wonderful. May you be blessed with a best friend as funny as the one I’ve had for about sixteen years who can crack me up with one look, or just one word. (You’re going to love your Aunt Mary when you meet her).
  • Surround yourself with people who are committed to being around. You don’t need fair weather friends. The good ones will stick with you from nursery for the rest of your life. They will always be there for you, like your Aunt Heather has been there for me.
  • Call your grandparents. Stay in touch. I will help you with this when you are little, but when you are old enough you need to remember this. Your grandparents are such fabulous, generous, incredible people. You will soon see this for yourself. They are going to love you SO much. They already do. They are going to want to hear from you; please be gracious and kind and show them the love they deserve.
  • Talk to me, about anything. I really mean that. I have been blessed with my relationship with my mother (your Nana). We are very close, and I know I can talk to her about anything. It’s always been like this. Please come to me with anything and everything.
  • I may annoy you sometimes. Okay, I WILL definitely annoy you sometimes. But, maybe you can re-read this blog post and realize how much I love you and then pretend I don’t annoy you? Please?
  • Nothing is ever too big, or too bad to handle. If you’re ever feeling really low, know that you will get through it because you are loved by so many people.
  • God has blessed you with a beautiful life. Say your prayers, and remember to thank God. Faith is a good friend to have.
  • Stand up for yourself. You are important, and worth it. Know what you deserve and then go out and get it. If you want something, ask for it. That’s how you’re going to get it.
  • Be honest, and humble.
  • Eliminate stress as much as possible. Believe me on this one. Stress stinks, and it’s often not worth it. Throw it out.
  • Experience life. Don’t be afraid to try new things, to talk to people, to speak up, to defend yourself or someone else, to find your passion, to choose to be happy…you live one life, make it a good one.
  • Be confident, and always believe in yourself. You are amazing!

There is so much more where this came from, but we have time…all the time in the world. I can’t wait to meet you, and we will get there soon. But take your time and don’t feel rushed. I will be patiently waiting with your dad for your arrival.

I will love you always.

Until then,


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