I’ve always thought ‘craic’ was a funny word. I picked it up from my cousins in Ireland many years ago. ‘Craic’ can vary slightly in its meaning, but for the most part it either refers to having fun or the goings on around you. For example, “How was your date last night without the kids?” “Oh it was good craic!” Or, “What’s the craic?”, “How’s the craic?” translates into, “What’s going on?”, “How’s it going?”

I try to use the word ‘craic’ in my everyday life, but it can be tough. That’s why I originally incorporated it into my blog name; it’s much easier to throw the word around that way. ‘Craic’ is pronounced ‘crack’ so be careful when using it in public. “How’s the craic [crack]?” Can be interpreted in other ways…

[And just to be clear: mama’s (me) daily ‘craic’ is ‘craic’ (good times, finding a laugh in crazy situations), not ‘crack’. My only drug of choice is coffee, and lots of it.]

I started my blog just about four years ago. After graduating college and then completing a year of volunteer work in Chicago, I moved back to the Boston area. I’m originally from New York (Long Island) and went to college in North Andover, so I never got to know Boston very well. I wanted a fun way to discover exciting events, new restaurants, and hidden gems of the city so I did what any twentysomething would do…I started a blog!

Fast forward through a crazy four years – a few job changes, getting married, graduate school, buying a house, having my first child, to the best job change thus far – being a stay at home mom. I truly love life as a mother to my Maggie. Maggie is almost six months, and during these past six months so much has happened and changed in my life. Lately, I find myself wanting to write more; I guess I have a lot to say these days!

My blog started as something fun for me, and then became more of a chore, so I stopped for a while. I never wanted to get rid of it completely, because I knew I would want to put my heart back into it one day. So, the day has come…with a new look! I now find the name ‘mama’s daily craic’ more fitting for my lifestyle these days. I am navigating motherhood one coffee (or three…four…five…coffees) and many laughs at a time. Sometimes I feel like I know what I’m doing, but most times I don’t. I’m rolling with it, and keeping my sense of humor throughout it all. How else will we survive parenthood if we can’t laugh at ourselves?

So…“How’s the craic?” in my life these days?

It’s amazing. Terrifying. Jaw-dropping. Awesome. Maddening. Beautiful. Frustrating. Worrisome. It’s the best. It’s love. Being a mother is obviously many things. It’s my reason for being here. It’s good craic.

Whether a new reader or an old reader, thanks for being here on my journey with me. I hope you like the new craic!


Thoughts, comments, questions? Contact me at dailycraic@gmail.com


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  1. Colleen, Nancy told me about your blog and I had so much fun checking it out! Since I am stuck here in good ol’ Rutland, VT, I will live vicariously through you and Colin!! :)

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