Hey, It’s OK…

Photo courtesy of the lovely blog, Design is Mine

…to immediately put on a pair of sweats when you get home from a long day of work
…to be mad when you see someone with two free hands, talking on a headset (come onnn)
…to love a movie you swore you were going to hate
…to be disappointed when your lunch order gets messed up
…to be ridiculously excited for Amanda Knox’s memoir
…to be a nerd
…to have a love/hate relationship with money
…to practice your Academy Award acceptance speech (even if you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever coming close to winning one)
…to play rock, paper, scissors with your significant other in order to choose what you’re going to watch on TV
…to wanna dance with somebody

Colin and I are off to Vermont after work today (wish us luck in the ski / school vacation / President’s Day weekend traffic, please!). We have lots of wedding stuff to do tomorrow at Stratton which I am very excited for! Will have to do a wedding update type post soon…

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. :)

Gwyneth Paltrow (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 15)

OK. If there was a list – which there might be – of the coolest people in the world, Gwyneth Paltrow has to be on it. First of all, she is beautiful, stylish, married to a rock star, has fabulous famous friends, has won an academy award, isn’t afraid to try something new, shares her knowledge and expertise, has dated (and shared matching ‘dos) with one of the world’s most beautiful men, etc. etc. etc. I literally could go on and on about how cool and talented GP seems. Of course I don’t know GP personally, but she just seems like someone who would be fun to be friends with.

All of this being said – what makes her the coolest is her upcoming cameo on ‘Glee’ tomorrow night. Gwyneth Paltrow – an extremely talented, famous, Oscar-winning, A list actress is making a guest appearance on ‘Glee’. She’s not too good for ‘Glee’ she is excited about it. And, let me tell you… I can’t wait for it!

Watch GP perform Cee’Lo’s “Forget You”:

In other news…. My ‘kindness’ for today:

I drink A LOT of coffee. All day every day really. We have a coffee station at work, with the machine, cups, stirrers, little creamer packets, sugar packets – the usual I guess. Nothing too crazy. (Wouldn’t it have been way cooler if I said ‘We have a magical coffee station at work where Clarence, a little person dressed in a tux brews your coffee for you and shouts ole! when it’s ready?)

Often when I’m grabbing a cup of coffee, I realize the ‘creamer packet section’ is all out of creamer packets. Sometimes the cups are low, or there’s an empty K cup box on the counter. I always try to throw any garbage away or refill whatever is out or running low. Today, the creamer packets were almost gone, so I dug into the draw and filled it back up.

Very small act today, but necessary. If something is out, fill it back up, don’t just leave it empty. Pet peeve – toilet paper runs out and someone gets a new roll, but leaves it on the counter or on top of the toilet. Put it back on the holder please. It’s not that hard – it only takes about 10 seconds. Same goes for the sugar packets, or an empty coffee container. Why leave it there for someone else to take care of? No need for extreme laziness. Pick up after yourself!