Happy Graduationbirthday!

Last weekend Colin’s wonderfully impressive sister Liz graduated from Merrimack and celebrated her 22nd birthday on the same day, so congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She’s off to start a new chapter in her life – such an exciting/nerve-wracking time. I remember when my college chapter was coming to a close… I was ready to move onΒ  but I definitely had feelings of anxiety towards the future. I was all signed up for my volunteer year (and very excited!) but sad to leave my friends, apprehensive to be living all the way in Chicago (so far from home) and nervous about being away from my family as well as Colin – I didn’t know how I would deal. Luckily, I survived. Then after my volunteer year I didn’t know where I was going to live – New York or Boston? I didn’t have a job lined up and it wasn’t necessarily the best time to be looking for a job (last July.) What the hell was I going to do? I had a big plan to move up to Boston, get an apartment, live near Colin and get a great job. I had my doubts about making my whole plan happen, but deep down I always knew I could do it, I could make it happen. And you know what? I did. I’ve been up in Boston for about a year now and I’m at my second apartment and onto my second job. I really love where I’m living so far (and I’m finally unpacked – such a great feeling!) and I’m loving my new job. I feel as though I’m going to be a good addition to the team and I also feel like I want to be here. I’ve realized I’m happy. And let me tell you, it’s a nice feeling.

Even though growing up seems to be filled with anxiety andΒ  uncertainty, it’s also filled with excitement and adventure. You might find yourself feeling overwhelmed, often thinking, ‘is this really going to work out?‘ You can plan all you want, but know now that nothing ever goes according to plan (for the most part!) I haven’t figured it all out just yet, but I’ve learned a thing or two. The best advice I can give is this: if you’re proactively working towards reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams (whatever they may be) you need to trust that you’re doing your best and the path you’re on is meant for you. Prayers couldn’t hurt either. And remember what Garth Brooks once said (that wise country man), ‘sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers’ – because just cause you pray for something and wish really hard for something to happen, doesn’t mean it always should.

Anyway – last weekend in pictures –


The proud graduate!

Liz and Mr. Whelly (Colin's awesome grandpa)

The Temp's with Fr. Jim

MSJ-ers to Merrimack-ers

Liz and James!

Old babysitter, current/graduating babysitter...

Old babysitter, AMAZING employer, current/graduating babysitter. How will you ever find replacements Kathleen?!

Not a great picture, but... this is the beautiful labyrinth Fr. Jim put in on campus

Liz and I

Kelly, Liz and Casey!

After graduation on Sunday we all went out to a lovely lunch. Colin and I were stuffed, tired and in Andover so we headed over to my old stomping grounds to visit the ol’ roomies.

Not very clear, but Lady and I in front of my old apartment!

Lady exploring on our walk

Well, I have an exciting night tonight – a floral arrangement class at our friend Lisa’s house! I’m headed over now and am REALLY EXCITED! I’ll take lots of pictures and will report back.
*Also, FYI, the daily craic will be doing an exciting giveaway at the end of the week! Stay tuned…