Hey, It’s OK…

Glamour is my all-time favorite magazine ever – it’s classy, smart, empowering and inspiring. I happily pay my yearly fee to subscribe to it, and eagerly await my new issue every month. One of the things I look forward to reading most is the “Hey, It’s OK…” tidbit they have. These witty little blurbs always either make me smile, or nod and say to myself “yes, exactly!”. I often find myself thinking of “Hey, It’s OK”‘s , even jotting them down sometimes…so I’ve decided to jot a couple of down on the craic! Hopefully I can make this a weekly feature (because, let’s face it…we all can see I need a little nudge when it comes to blogging on a regular basis these days…)

Hey, It’s OK…

…to desperately want to call in sick so that you can stay at home in bed and watch TV on a crappy, rainy day.

…to have thought it was completely ridiculous that Kim K. wore not one, not two, but three wedding gowns.

…to want to package up Sophia Grace (of recent Youtube fame) and carry her around in your pocket.

…to be really sad that Amy Winehouse will never make a new album again (that voice!).

…to eat a little bit of that raw cookie dough in the fridge, because you (plain and simple) really want some.

…to buy books in the Young Adult section.

…to wish your life had a soundtrack and that the music followed you around like you were in a movie.

…to get into a red lipstick phase one weekend and then decide that moving forward, you feel absolutely naked without it.

…to have a girl crush on Emma Stone.

…to get the Sunday Blues because you want the weekend to be just a little bit longer (please?!).

…to wish you were allowed to eat a cheeseburger and fries every day of the week.

…to be mad that they remade Footloose, but secretly really want to see it.

…to be mad at Julianne Hough for looking like that.

…to want to punch hot yoga in the face.

…to dance like you mean it, no matter what you look like.

…to literally want to do cart-wheels around the office because you’re so damn happy it’s Friday.

On that note, enjoy the day and have a great weekend. :)

London: Day 2

Our second day is London was packed with loads of great things! We headed to Camden (a borough of London) to check out their famous open market — there was a lot to buy, although I only left with a necklace (I was good!). Camden is a very eclectic and diverse area. I spotted a lot of hipsters — apparently, there’s a huge music scene there which you could totally tell by the looks of people. Amy Winehouse grew up in Camden, singer Morrissey lived there in the 90’s and it’s where Orlando Bloom has his London home. I guess now is the part of the story where I tell you I had a fabulous dinner and a crazy night out with Amy Winehouse, Morrisey and Orlando Bloom. It was awesome!

…That didn’t happen, but I would definitely be cooler if it did.

After Camden we walked around Islington for a bit, which is a cute little town. We popped into a pub for a quick drink, then headed to church. Nothing like a pint before praising the Lord…

Afterward, we met Brian (a guy my dad works with) and his wife for dinner at a lovely restaurant called Ffiona’s (Welsh spelling the owner told us). I got the vegetable soup to start, then venison with potatoes for dinner (Colin really is rubbing off on me) and enjoyed lots of prosseco throughout the night. It was delicious! The service was amazing and the whole evening was just so enjoyable. I highly suggest Ffiona’s if you ever find yourself in the area. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Figured I would try out a slide show today:

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Day 3 coming soon…Cheerio!