Introducing, Declan Patrick O’Neill!

I’ve always looked up to my parents, of course…and Audrey Hepburn has been my celebrity idol since I was a little girl. But, I’ve looked up to my sister Meg my whole life – more than anyone in the world. Since I was born I’ve been following her around, begging her to include me in things, borrowing her clothes…basically doing anything and everything she did.

We’ve been there for each other for everything – all the important things life has thrown our way. I was there when she met Matt at Merrimack (and for the record, I always knew he was the one), I was the Maid of Honor at their wedding, Meg will be the Maid of Honor at my wedding next year, and now most recently I have been there for the birth of Meg and Matt’s first child, Declan Patrick O’Neill.

I’ve never been apart of something so amazing.

A whole big gang of us (family members and friends) anxiously waited for someone to bust through the double doors of the hospital and give us the news last Thursday night. My nerves were going so crazy I thought I was going to spontaneously combust with the (dangerous) mixture of excitement, anxiety and caffeine. But the shakes were worth it. Around 10pm, the woman formally known as ‘Mom’ (who now proudly goes by ‘Nana’) ran through those doors and shouted “He’s here!”. We leapt from our seats, screaming and squealing – and about fifteen minutes later we were able to see him.

As soon as I saw Meg, Matt and Declan in that hospital room I cried – tears of absolutely, complete joy – I wanted to hug Meg and Matt so friggin tight to let them know how happy I am for them, and how proud I was of what they just did. My big sister just delivered a child. And he was right over there. This was and is real. I feel like I still can’t believe it. It was absolutely awesome.

Meg and Matt are going to the best parents around, and I can’t wait to be along for the ride. Declan has already stolen my heart (sorry Colin!) – he is the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen. See for yourself!

Declan's debut!

The O'Neill Family :D

The proud papa, Matthew

Auntie Colleen and Auntie Molly


The cutest boy in town

Uncle Colin!

"No more pictures, please"

Smilin' :D


A little tiny yawn!

Love love love love you


Home sweet home!

Happy to have you home, little man

Meg and Matt – I wish you both the best of luck and just wanted to extend my utmost congratulations on the blog (it’s not official until it’s on the blog people!). Love you guys!

I’m going to be an aunt!

It’s time….the big blog announcement…

My big sister Meg is pregnant!

I already love this little much!

I CANNOT WAIT!!! We are all beyond thrilled. Congrats to Meg and Matt! You guys are going to be such amazing parents.

I literally couldn’t believe when Meg was getting married (the oldest child in the family to get married is a big deal, ya know?) It was such a fun experience and I was so honored to be apart of their big day. And now, a baby! I can’t believe it! It’s both mind-boggling and insanely exciting! I’m going to be an aunt! There are so many exclamation points in here! I can’t contain my excitement!

We were home on Long Island last weekend and went to Buy Buy Baby for a little browsing…

Buy Buy Baby -- Baby Central!

iPood! hahaha

Baby Facebook!

The lovely mom to-be!

All the Mescallettes gushing over the baby stuff!

The proud Grandmama, "Big Red" as we've decided the baby shall call her...

Sorry, I had to!

A must-have for the little babe (dad to-be Matthew is a big Mets fan!)

Another must-have...if it's a girl, or maybe if it's a boy - hey! However Meg and Matt want to raise their child is up to them... (dad to-be is also a proud Giants fan!)

Aunt Kelly testing out some strollers!

SO much fun! I can only imagine how much fun is in store for all of us throughout this journey. You know there will be updates along the way!

Happy Friday :)