Millions of peaches, peaches for me…

This past weekend was a great one. It’s been really busy moving into a new apartment so it was so nice to get a chance to A – spend some quality time with Colin at the Josh Turner concert at the South Shore Music Circus on Friday night (it was amazing! A new musician, Brent Cobb opened – he was reeeally good; great voice. Even if you don’t like country I think you’d like him…) B – got to spend some quality time with Meg at the Andover farmers market and the Peach Festival at Smolak Farms (my new favorite place) and C – some quality time with one of my best friends, my college roommate, Danielle who I haven’t seen in SO long – it was wonderful to catch up!

One of my favorite Josh Turner songs (*please note – all my favorite dance moves are in the 80’s scene. Gotta love the 80’s people.)

The concert –

Good combo :)

Brent Cobb

Josh Turner

The Farmers Market –

Ummmm a bacon scented candle? Bacon all the time? Yes, please.

One of the most delicious treats in the world. I LOVE FOOD!

Smolak Farms Peach Festival –

Hard little worker


The Jimmy Fund Fantasy Day at Fenway recap coming soon! :)

Rain drops keep fallin’ on my head…

Now ladies and gentlemen, this person is prepared:

The biggest umbrella in America

Wanted to take the 4:30pm train. Didn’t. Got to North Station a few minutes early for the 5:15pm train. Nice. Ugh, delayed. Sit down. Homeless man comes over to me. “MOVE THAT STUFF SO I CAN SIT DOWN.” Yes sir. Moved stuff. Got a whiff. He unfortunately reeked of urine. I didn’t enjoy it. I’m sure he didn’t either. Actually, maybe he didn’t mind – was having a lovely conversation with himself. Not breathing/smelling through my nose. Waiting for the train. Please come, I’m nervous. Getting anxious. Don’t want homeless man to yell at me again. Don’t want to get up and move, will look rude. Waiting. Waiting. Ding! ‘The 5:15 train is now boarding on track numbah 4.’ Thank you Jesus. Got a seat on the train, sat next to man with delicious smelling popcorn. Disliked him for it. Passed out, mouth open. Sleepily woke up in Andover. Walked to gym in rain. Somehow found motivation for my run tonight. Finished without collapsing. Success. Walked home in the rain. Kind of enjoyed it. Came home to surprise cookies Meg made for me. She’s the best. Some American Idol. Falling asleep as I blog. Finishing this post and going to snooze.

  • The Addams Family comes to Broadway!

  • Today’s deal from Buywithme – $12.50 for $25 worth of batting at Extra Innings in Watertown

  • The Trapp Brewery’s Grand Opening is April 16th-19th in Stowe, VT.

Book your reservation here –

  • Boston’s sustainable living expo is at the Hynes Convention Center April 9th-11th

Get your tickets here –

*For the Local Bites preview party (Friday, April 9th 5pm-9pm), you pay $20 (online) or $25 (at door) and use that ticket the whole weekend. This will feature local chefs, green restaurants, sustainable wines and lots of sampling. More information call (617) 266-6540
  • Today (not much time left…) and tomorrow, receive 80% of all gift certificates bought on by entering ‘ZOO‘ (as in TravelZOO) as your promotional code. We can thank Nuge for that one!
  • April 17th the Coolidge Corner Theatre (290 Harvard Street, Brookline – 617.734.2501) is showing ‘Singin’ in the Rain‘ starring Gene Kelly! How appropriate for these past few weeks…
  • Celebrate Opening Day with cheap eats at the Fenway Cantina!
  • On Friday, April 16th The Outnet is celebrating their 1st birthday with a HUGE sale. Designer dresses, handbags, shoes, accessories, etc. for $1! Not even kidding. Limit one item per person (except for one lucky winner who will be allowed to purchase up to 5 items.) You have to RSVP before April 11th so get going!
  • A wonderful article from The Boston Globe of a former model who opened her own online makeup boutique that caters to all women – every color, every hair type out there. Here is Ms. Faint’s website –
  • Need a reason to head to Waltham? Here you go, the Candied Bacon Ice Cream Sundae. Served up at Jake’s Dixie Roadhouse. It has a fried bacon chocolate chip cookie (wtf? I don’t even care, because it sounds so damn good), maple-syrup-candied Vermont bacon ice cream, a BIG chocolate chip cookie, chocolate covered bacon bits on top as well as a drizzling of bacon vodka chocolate syrup, which can also be substituted with regular chocolate syrup. Sounds like my dream come true.

  • And in more bacon news (so I can dream about it when I go to sleep), The Boston Bacon and Beer festival is Saturday, April 24th from 2pm-4pm at 540 Harrison Ave, Boston. *I hope they have an ambulance standing by.
To sleep, perchance to dream (of bacon…) Night! :)

Nice, I’m gonna make the train!… NOT!

You could say that missing the train is a good start to a rainy Friday morning, but you would be very wrong. I knew I had been running a few minutes late, but miss the train late? I didn’t think so… Little do I know.

My sister kindly drove me down to the station, we were rushing cause I was late as usual (being late is my thing, my special talent.) When we crossed the tracks I saw that the train just pulled up. Nice! I made it, I knew I would. Oh wait, it’s just pulling away from the platform, not pulling up? Right, of course.

So, I drove in today. I was all ready and didn’t feel like waiting around for the next train. Suddenly my dreary – miss the train – type lousy day turned around into a promisingly good day due to the fact that I remembered to charge my iPod last night. I truly don’t enjoy talk radio in the morning; I just rather not listen to people bitch before having my coffee (that’s reasonable isn’t it?) So I plugged my iPod in and performed a concert of about 10-12 songs for my non-existent audience. Rocking out in your car at 7am is good for the soul, you should try it sometime.

Anyway, here are some fun things I’ve learned about today…

Stoddards Fine Food & Ale just opened in the Downtown Crossing area at 48 Temple Place at Washington (617-426-0048.)

Stoddard’s is serving up American comfort foods along with an 80+ beer list. With all the vintage decor surrounding you, you’d swear you went back in time. Entrees include burgers, steaks, chicken pot pie, clams casino; all the classics. Learn more at

I really want to try Redbones. It’s located in Davis Square, Somerville and promises to serve up some delicious southern BBQ which is right up my alley. They also have 24 microbrews on tap to wash it all down. Good to know: Both catering and delivery are available as well as a gluten-free menu.

*Also, Monday – Friday from 4pm-6pm their appetizers are half price. Wings, chili, buffalo shrimp, corn fritters, etc. Check it out at

Another good deal – Mondays at Sel de la Terre at 774 Boylston Street (617-266-8800) they offer a variety of $2 sliders from 5pm-7pm. They also offer a Saturday morning cooking class at either their Natick or Boson location for only $48 a person, not bad compared to what some other places charge!

More info on that, here:

Possibilities for the weekend –

Tomorrow, Saturday March 13th is the 2nd Annual Spring Microbrew Fest at Ball Square Fine Wines from 2pm-5pm where you can try out 40 brews.

Tomorrow is also the 4th Annual Bacon Eating Contest at Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge at 1pm. Their advertisement for the event reads, ‘Music! Booze! Bacon!’ Music + booze + bacon = 3 of my favorite things in the world. Seems like Atwood’s Tavern is promising us a very good time.

 +  +

Tonight the Joshua Tree (U2 cover band) is kicking off some St. Patrick’s day fun at The Hard Rock Cafe, 22-24 Clinton Street, Boston (617) 424-7625. Starts at 8pm, cost is $15. The Dropkick Murphy’s are playing seven shows at the House of Blues for six nights starting tonight. Ship yourself up to 15 Lansdowne Street, Boston (888) 693-2583. Tickets might be hard to find though, fyi.

The Celtic Women are also playing at the Wang Theatre tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, tickets ranging from $42-$78.

Click here for more –

Don’t forget about the Southie St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday! Here is the map of the parade route –

By the way, isn’t it great that it’s Friday? :)