Salt n’ Pepa & Heavy D up in the limousine

Having both a blog and a full-time job that require a huge social media aspect is interesting. The question I’ve been trying to answer is, do I blend them? Do I let one cross over into the other? Is it okay to mix my personal blog with the business aspect of my life?

I’m pretty sure I’ve ultimately decided I’m not going to intertwine the two. At least for now. That will be too confusing/too much for me. However, today’s deal is really cool and I’m pumped about it so I figured I would share. I won’t bombard you with the daily Saves on my blog, if you’re interested please sign up for the daily email that way you’ll know what we’re featuring every day. We get some really awesome Saves so it’s worth checking out!

Anyway, it truly is a company/idea I believe in, so that’s why I’m sharing this with you guys. Eversave really helps connect the community through getting great deals with local merchants, donating percentages of the Saves back to local charities/school foundations and getting new customers in the door to these restaurants, spas, salons, etc. I hope you like it! Any questions, feel free to email me, Any local charities you’d love to see partnered with Eversave, give me a shout as well and we can work to make it happen.

So, today and tomorrow we’re featuring Sunset Limousine on our site. You pay $50 to get $100 towards any limo or party bus rental. Personally I think this is pretty sweet. We friggin loved party buses in college, they were such a great time for birthday parties, so this would definitely be good if you have a birthday or a friend’s birthday coming up. Also great for wedding parties or bachelorettes. Good for Pat’s games, concerts, kids birthdays, etc. If you like the sound of it, check it out! Thanks for listening to my schpeal. :)

More info? Check it out here.