The Celtics! (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 3)

Ladies and gentleman, they’re baaaaaaaack!

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Thank the dear Lord; the Celtics have returned. I am more than excited. I am elated. My boys are back and I’m ready for a fun-filled, action-packed season. Rondo’s already had his first triple double (guess how many triple doubles he will record this season here), Paul (I can call him Paul because we’re good friends) is looking good, KG is keeping it together, Ray still has it, Big Baby has trimmed down a bit and is ready to go, Nate is bringing more energy than ever and let’s face it, Shaqachusetts is an exciting addition. He is a big, huge ball of greatness and I’m happy to have him.

Colin and I are headed to the game tonight! SO pumped. :)

100 Days of Kindness, Day 3:

Two things today. First, I decided to take some time on my lunch break to hang out with my friend Jess. She’s great and we hardly get to hang out because we’re both so busy. When we’re hanging out it’s usually at work and we’re talking about work stuff. Today we decided to have an out-of-office adventure and it was really nice to get to spend some time together! It’s important to spend time with friends and to get to know people from work in an ‘outside-of-work-don’t-have-to-always-talk-about-work’ environment.

Second, I decided I’d like to treat Colin to our favorite pre-game cuisine – Half Time Pizza. We usually go here before games to stuff our faces. Colin usually pays because he is awesome and too good to me. He’s my best bud. He does so much for me and I love to be able to treat him to delicious things like Halftime Pizza and a few beers once in a while, so tonight we will feast!

The Celtics were disappointing, but luckily my burrito wasn’t

First and foremost I must tell you about my free burrito from Boloco.

My work BFF, Nicole and I were having trouble deciding whether or not we wanted to commit to the trek all the way from Kendall Square to Newbury Street in order to indulge in the free deliciousness that Boloco was offering. However, we came to the conclusion that pretty much anything free (especially food) is worth trekking anywhere for.

We hopped on the red line, chatting away, when we were interrupted by a woman making an announcement (and no, she wasn’t a conductor.) She gave us her whole schpeal, her pregnant 17-year-old niece was waiting for her at South Station, got her bus money stolen, needed more money, etc etc.. Suddenly the guy sitting in front of where we were standing, pops up in our face and shouts to her that he was on his way to South Station and he could help her out. She shouted back at him, said she wasn’t gonna give him sexual favors in return (mind you, there was a good 20 people squished in between this ‘across the car’ conversation) and he said he didn’t need any at the moment anyway. It got both awkward and inappropriate real quick…

Finally we arrived at Boloco and got our free burritos surprisingly fast! The burrito was perfection. If you don’t like cilantro I would have to recommend ordering one without the salsa because it has a decent amount of cilantro packed in there. I <3 cilantro so I was happy as a clam.

On our way back to Kendall we luckily got on the T where another announcement was made (by a non-conductor.) A guy in his early twenties  requested that we tell him if any of us were sick (oh sure, let’s all start sharing our personal struggles with total strangers on our lunch break on a Wednesday afternoon.) He wanted to know if we were sick because he would pray with us – then and there –  in order to heal us, because Jesus doesn’t like sickness (good to know.) Next his friend, a girl around the same age approached Nicole and I to tell us that when we stepped on the T she could feel the spirit of the Lord with us (must have been the burritos), that the Lord was present with us (she got on the T after us by the way.) She even gave us a comic book about a man going to hell because of all his sins. Score!

After work I met up with Colin for the Celtics/Grizzlies game, all pumped up. We did our usual pre-game ritual of seeing how many slices of pizza/how many beers we can consume before tip-off at Half-time Pizza (it was delicious as per usual.) We headed into the Garden and thus the embarrassment began. The Celtics were down 21 points halfway through the second quarter. It looked like we were gonna turn it around, maybe think about putting in enough energy and effort into making a come back, but no. We ended the first half down by 22 and successfully lost the game by 20.

It was a truly disappointing game. They looked like my CYO basketball team. They were throwing up whatever shots they wanted, their lack of enthusiasm and intensity was visible and the defense was utterly nonexistent. They lost to the Memphis Grizzlies! The Celtics need help asap.

The highlight of the evening – when a man came down to our seats to notify Colin that his bid won. Colin had randomly bid $250 on a huge Bill Russell/Red Auerbach picture, thinking that someone would obviously out bid him because the picture was so awesome. Surprisingly (sarcasm) no one out bid him and he was the lucky winner! The shock on his face was priceless (actually it was about $250.) I didn’t know I was dating such a high rolling big shot! I felt so proud the whole crowded ride home on the green line lugging that big ol’ picture with us, answering peoples questions and smiling when they stared. The Celtics might have lost, but Colin sure did win!

Exhibit A –

Colin lugging his picture through the Garden.

Exhibit B –

Colin proudly posing with his new piece of art.

The burrito was good, the Celtics were bad and tomorrow is Thursday. It’s almost the weekend and that’s always a good thing!

Celtics, Nomar, Burritos, Eclipse

Tonight, my boyfriend Colin and I are headed to the Garden to watch the Celtics take on the Memphis Grizzlies. I haven’t been to a game since October [seen here in the picture above. Our friends were watching the game at home, saw us, paused the TV, took a picture of us, then sent it to our phones. Oh technology these days…] so I’m pumped for tonight. To me, no other sporting event is like going to a basketball game. It reminds me of my youth – sigh – I’m interested to see how Nate Robinson does, it’s my first time seeing him with the Celtics. I don’t know though, because I do miss Eddie House…

On another Boston sports related note, Nomar Garciaparra announced his retirement this morning. He signed a one-day contract with the Red Sox in order to retire as a member of the team.

Not a bad deal. Play in the big leagues for fourteen years as a fan favorite, marry a famous soccer player [Mia Hamm] then retire at the ripe old age of 36 with the team you spent nine seasons playing for, to then go on to become a baseball analyst for ESPN. Nice job Nomar. With that, I’ll leave you with this:

Colin and I met Nomar in the Bahamas this past January. He was his wife Mia’s caddy at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Tournament. He was extremely nice and truly made Colin’s day, or trip maybe, or even life possibly?… Congratulations on your retirement!

In entertainment news, a teaser from the upcoming installment of the Twilight Saga:Eclipse has been released. It’s only :10 seconds, but if your obsessed or going through Twilight withdrawals…you’ll enjoy it, you might even need it.

And in food news, BostonTweet says the Boloco locations at Northeastern, Tufts and Newbury Street are giving out free burritos today from 11am-8pm. Hurry!