Jerry Remy’s by the Seaport

I have been wanting to go to Jerry Remy’s by Fenway since it opened, so when my friends told me we’d be going to Jerry Remy’s for Christine’s birthday celebration I was pumped.  Tricky part of it all was, we were going to Jerry Remy’s by the Seaport. Didn’t even know they had a location by the Seaport! Turns out, I was even more pumped. A beautiful summer night spent at a fun spot on the water? Sign me up people.

To start, we had a ton of  some Corona’s, lots of laughs and great conversation. Next, I moved on to Jerry’s Sliders (featuring pulled pork, buffalo chicken and a classic cheeseburger) which was quite the delicious trio if I do say so myself. They were the best sliders I’ve ever had. You need to go try them fo’ real. I also enjoyed sweet potato fries on the side which was an excellent decision. We continued on with more Corona’s and GT’s (good times, of course). We headed over to Coogan’s near Faneuil after dinner and danced the night away!

*Sidenote: If you’re a country music fan, stay tuned….because later in the week I have a big, fun surprise for you! Woohooo

Check out the pics from Remy’s:

My first time to Jerry Remy's!

Some fabulous ladies

More fab ladies, including the birthday girl X!

Mmmmm...nothing like a cold Corona on a warm summer night

I love these women

Photo credit goes to Xtine

The most delicious trio of sliders this girl has ever tried

Sweet potato fries =

Birthday shot for the birthday girl : D

Such a champ!