Catching up with Tina from Glee (And, I’ll get to the kindness later)

I think it’s safe to say that Glee has officially stolen the hearts of everyone – women, men, teens, tweens – all over the world. This season has been highly entertaining – with real life issues (bullying, breakups), to amazing song choices (“Forget You” Cee Lo, “Marry You” Bruno Mars, “Livin’ on a Prayer”, etc. etc.), to the most fabulous guest stars ever, not to mention awards! awards! awards! (Emmy, People’s Choice Award wins to Grammy nominations and everything in between) Glee is…how should I say?…killing it!

Do you remember when I interviewed the fabulous Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina from Glee)? Well I thought it was about time we caught up again. Check it out Gleeks!

CM: I feel like Tina wants Artie back. Does Tina miss Artie?

JU: Tina will always love Artie, and who knows, maybe they will end up together. Artie just wasn’t a good boyfriend so she found something else in Mike Chang, but I think they will always have a connection.

CM: Do you think she’s going to be pissed when she finds out he slept with Brittany?

JU: I think that Tina will be upset if she finds out, but they weren’t together… So, he technically wasn’t in the wrong, but I’m sure Tina would be upset for sure.

CM: What has it been like adding a new main character into the mix this season with Sam?

JU: Sam is a great refreshing addition to the Glee club. I think the writers did a great job in a perfect transition for the new kid. We’ve learned Quinn and Sam are dating now, and they are kind of adorable!

CM: What about with one of the other new characters, Blaine? (He has an amazing voice!)

JU: Darren Criss has been introduced as a possible boyfriend for Kurt now, but we still don’t know what he will end up being in the show, we’re full of twists and turns. ;)

CM: Britney Spears! That must have been interesting to film. Was she cool?

JU: Britney Spears is crazy. She was my idol and it was such an honor to use her music and have her on the show. It was very surreal to me and I’ve never been more star struck. She was so sweet and seemed to have a great time, I know we did.

CM: And John Stamos!

JU: John Stamos has been with us for a few episodes now and it’s so lovely to have him. He’s a goofball and fit right in from the first day. It’s still a little weird to work with “Uncle Jesse” but he came in, ready to work and has done such an awesome job fitting in with us. It’s been the best. We have the best guest stars!!

CM: And Gwyneth Paltrow!

JU: Gwyneth Paltrow was recently here too. She was amazing, I mean, it’s GWYNETH! She was so sweet, so cool and totally professional. We had so much fun and I thought she did an amazing job with all the songs, (She can SANG) haha, and her character is very funny.

Thanks for catching up with us Jenna! You guys are doing an amazing job. And PS – loved the Glee version of “Dog Days Are Over“!

Don’t forget to catch ‘A Very Glee Christmas‘ tonight at 8!

Just dance

I love dancing. I often get the urge to bust out a few moves during the day, but I hardly feel that’s appropriate to do at the office. Sometimes there are weekends when I literally have to go out one night and dance or else I could potentially combust.

I have a favorite dance move , as most (highly) professional dancers – such as myself – do. What could it be you ask?

Why, it’s the robot of course!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

There are some moves that you just know you’ve absolutely, 100%  perfected. You got those moves down. You can do them in your sleep. You do do them in your sleep. These moves don’t necessarily mean you’re trying to look sexy or cool, or that you’re ready for a dance off against Britney Spears back when she was sixteen and all “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Nope, these dance moves are 100% pure fun and enjoyment. Stupidity and foolishness included. :)

What’s your signature move?