The Breakfast Burger

I love hamburgers (almost) more than anything else. They’re my go-to choice when dining out (I definitely get them way too often…probably need to try something new at some point). What can I say? They are just big, juicy pieces of goodness and I can’t get enough.

I’ve heard a lot about burgers with fried eggs on top. They have always intrigued me and I’ll definitely order it the next time I see it, however, the other night I had ground beef and eggs so I thought…why the hell not! Thing is, I didn’t have nice hamburger buns. What else, what else?…Toast! Thus, the invention of the breakfast burger. (Note to self, I’m sure I absolutely did not invent this, it just makes me feel important to say so).

Toast + fried egg + hamburger + ketchup = breakfast burger.

If I do say so myself, it was 100% delicious. I urge you to try it at home. ;)