It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’m not going to sit here and complain about how busy life is these days. About how much I work, how consumed I can get with work, how many other things I seem to always have to take care of outside of work, how I don’t have time or energy to seem to get myself to the gym, how I usually average eating dinner between the hours of 8-9pm, how I never have time to blog, how run down I’ve been feeling overall.

I’m not going to do that, because today was a beautiful, beautiful day. I made myself delicious huevos rancheros for breakfast, got stuff done around my apartment, I let myself relax and watch a movie – and not feel guilty about being inside, relaxing and watching a movie on a lovely day – because I then went outside for a run. A run that made me feel good about myself. I got to hang with Meg and Matt and one of my favorite pups in the world, Lady – and now I’m heading back home to get ready for a fundraiser at Bellesini Academy tonight (where Meg works) and my parents are on their way here to come with us! Should be fun. :)

Things get so busy in everyone’s lives. There is always something to get done. When you finally have some free time, you pressure yourself to make the most out of it – to be productive – to organize, to clean, to work out, to get more work done. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with everything going on around me, I just have to remember to stop. and appreciate everything. Days like today remind me to do that.

In other news: I turned 25. I purchased my wedding gown! (Absolutely in love with it). And my mom and pops gave me a trip to London for my birthday, I’m going at the end of May and I am so excited I can’t even put it into words.

That’s all for now. Hope you’re having a happy Saturday!


Jack Johnson is amazing. So is Cafeteria Boston & Healthworks (while we’re at it…)

First week back from vacation in one word: busy.

Saturday night we had the Jack Johnson concert, in one word: amazing. ALO played (great band. Their song “Girl I Wanna Lay You Down” is one of my all time favorites) and Glove played as well, so it was a perfect line-up.

I’ve been a huge Jack Johnson fan forever, yet this was my first concert of his and it was just so damn good. He is one of the bests live performers I’ve ever seen. We started our evening out with some sandwiches, chips and beers. :)



Secondly, you all know how much I love a good deal. And if you read my guest post over at the Foodies at Work you probably know that I love a delicious burger even more {there’s just nothing more satisfying than a good burger.} Last night I found a fabulous combo of the two; a good deal and a delicious burger. Now, you know I was in heaven, right?!

I met Nicole (my work best friend from my last job) for dinner at Cafeteria Boston on Newbury Street. They have perfect outdoor seating, but it was raining on and off so we sat inside at the bar. We started off with some sangria which was so good, very refreshing. Neither of us knew if we wanted red sangria or white sangria, so the bartender (I am a jerk and am forgetting his name which I’m sorry for because he was so friendly and we really liked him!) let us taste a little of each to help us decide. Ultimately, I chose the white (although they were both very nice) and Nicole chose the red.

Mmmm sangria

Lucky for us, they had $5 burger special! You know I had me some of that. It.was.perfection. The burger was cooked just the way I like it – it wasn’t too small, wasn’t too big or overwhelming, and it had the special Cafeteria sauce on top which was a tasty little surprise. It was honestly so good (and I was insanely hungry) I wanted to order another burger but I had to control myself/didn’t want to embarrass myself…

We also ordered a side of Parmesan fries which was big enough to split between the both of us (I mean I could have finished a whole side by myself, but we were being good.) All their dishes are created using organic grass-fed beef and lamb along with local, organic produce – you gotta love/appreciate that.

I’d like to send a HUGE thank you out to Demetri from Cafeteria, he was so great to us! I’m definitely going back!

Tomorrow I’m hosting a dinner party for Christine’s birthday (I missed it while I was in Ireland) so I’m really pumped about it. Hopefully all goes well – more details to come! I can’t wait for the weekend. You?

And last but not least…I hope you took advantage of Healthworks Free Workout Day today – it’s the best gym ever! And on Friday Healthworks Back Bay is hosting a Les Mills launch for Body Jam and Body Pump, you should check it out. They’ll have prizes from Redbones and City Sports as well as refreshments from the Healthworks cafe!