That is why God made Colin a boy and Colleen a girl

This, for me, is the equivalent of Colin receiving his box of new turkey hunting gear from Cabela’s. That is what God made Colin a boy and Colleen a girl.

I CAN’T WAIT for Sex and the City 2 !!

You can still get discounted tickets to Wine Riot –

*Basho, the new Japanese Sushi place opens next week – 338 Boylston Street, Boston (617) 262-1338

Today’s LivingSocial deal is $35 for three acupuncture sessions at Acupuncture Together in Cambridge. I’ve never had acupuncture but I’m very interested in trying it. Apparently it helps with migraines, sinus problems, etc…

Monday – Friday at the Living Room they offer half off appetizers from 4 to 7pm in the main lounge.

Jack Johnson tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am !!! CAN NOT WAIT :)

10 Simple Google search tips from The New York Times –

25 Free things to do in Boston from, everything from observatories, to wine tastings, to the North End…

Tonight we went to see RENT performed at Merrimack. It was awesome – they did such a great job! I was impressed by the fact that Merrimack decided to put on what could be called a ‘controversial’ show (dealing with AIDS/HIV, drug use, girls kissing girls, boys kissing boys, gender confusion etc.), especially with the fact that Merrimack is a private, Catholic school. Good for them!

I love the music, the characters, pretty much everything about RENT and I truly thought they did the show justice tonight. Congratulations!

Tomorrow is a busy day. I have to run 11 miles, YIKES!

After that, we have my co-workers wedding tomorrow night, which Colin and I are really excited for. Should be a great time! Although, I was not able to ‘Rent the Runway‘ unfortunately! I totally dropped the ball on that – I waited to the last minute to remember that I wanted to rent a dress! Ugh. Luckily Nicole helped me out BIG time and brought in some dresses today for me to try out, so we’ll see, I haven’t decided on one yet…
Time for rest. Goodnight!

Nap time at work?

Three things for you tonight…

I’m sitting at my desk today, putzing around, getting some stuff done on the computer when I hear a noise. It sounds like a raspy whisper mixed with a little bit of a squeak. What the hell is that? Are those damn mice back again?

Nope, not a mouse. Just the lady a few cubes down singing. Not only can I hear her singing, but I can also hear the music coming from her headphones. Now, this is not just any singing, this is gospel music singing. And I use the term ‘singing‘ loosely, this lady was breakin’ it dowwwn. The whole day I sporadically hear, ‘I just wanna praaaise himmm!’ Well, maybe that’s what you wanna do, but personally, I just wanna get my work done and go home.

I was thinking about this today… how weird would it be if you had nap time at work? After lunch everyone gets on their blanket and falls asleep for an hour and wakes up well rested. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? Well it wouldn’t be. Think about it, you’re on your blanket and somehow Pervy Pat’s blanket ends up next to yours every day. Or you’re late to nap time because your meeting ran over so the only place left is right in between BO Bertha and Stinky Steve. Or one day you wake up and the guy you went out with once for one drink (because you felt bad for him) is spooning you. Plus, when you wake up you’re gonna have bad breath, messy hair and are gonna be so out of it.

Lesson learned – nap time at work = an unpleasant, creepy situation.

Colin is a hunter. I think I have only met one, maybe two hunters before I started dating Colin. I’m from Long Island, I’m a flat lander as he likes to call me. Colin is from Vermont, a mountain man as I like to call him. Growing up hunting was as foreign to me as moral values are to Lindsay Lohan.

Anyway, tonight Colin received the package from Cabelas that he has been waiting for. It was like watching a five-year old come down the stairs on Christmas morning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Colin this excited. Had I known I could have won him over with the combination of a turkey call and a turkey hunting vest (yes, that’s what it’s actually called) I would have bought them myself a lot sooner!

Poor Colin is SO excited about turkey season and I have ruined opening day for him. My birthday is Saturday, May 1st – opening day. I was born on opening day of turkey season?! Mom, how could you have done this? Sorry Colin!

Colin modeling his new gear

Go get them turkeys!

Ok, I must get to bed. Sweet dreams :)