A happy camper

Turns out, camping?…Not toooo shabby! In fact, it’s actually a damn good time! As a first time camper I was a bit hesitant. I was nervous about the bugs (mainly spiders), worried about not sleeping well, and with the forecast calling for lots of thunderstorms all weekend – definitely scared it was going to rain the whole time. But guess what? Bugs weren’t that bad, I slept better than I thought and we totally lucked out with the weather.

Turns out camping isn’t so much about the bugs and “not being in your own bed” situation, it’s more about having fun with friends, (lots) of (good) food, (lots) of (good) beer, and enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

Ladies and gents…I think I shall camp again.

Enjoy some pictures I stole (*with permission :)) from Miss. Rose!

Joe and Rose (who I stole the photos from!)


Renting canoes...such a good idea

Kayse and Pete!

Such a cute little guy

Ted and Marisa!

Kev, the fire master

Adam and Katy!