Family (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 82 and 83)

Yesterday’s kindness: I fixed one of my favorite necklaces and gave it to Molly as a surprise. She has officially moved up to MA (we’re getting each family member one by one – muhahah) to attend Merrimack College. I’m so excited to have her up here!

Today’s kindness: Meg and I coached our team this morning (we were finally matched up with a team on the same level as ours, but we lost! They tried so hard the poor things!) Anyway, I was particularly proud of one of the kids Charlie. He’s one of the best kids on the team, but every time he goes for a righty lay-up, he steps with his right foot and goes up with his left. My mom and dad were at the game watching, so my dad pulled me aside and said, ‘Hey that kids really good, but he needs to see how to shoot a proper lay-up. Why don’t you show him?’ Now, my pops was my CYO basketball coach forever (a very good coach may I add, I’ve learned it all from him) so I took his advice. I pulled Charlie aside and showed him how then told him to try it as he was warming up. He did it perfectly and made the lay-up! I was very excited.

Colin’s kindness: Colin saw an older lady who definitely needed some help over a snow bank, so he went over to rescue her. She was very happy! Probably because he’s so handsome. ;)

It’s so nice having the family up this weekend. I wish we could all be together – Kelly and Par are still in NY and Pat is in California (that’s where he lives). Even though it’s not all 8 of us, we’re still having a lovely time.

We had our game this morning then dad made us a delicious breakfast. We hung around for a bit, then Colin, dad and I took Lady on a long walk. Now we’re enjoying some wine, beer and appetizers and we’re going out to dinner with one of our favorite people in the world, Fr. Jim.

We stopped for some treats

Dad and lil Lady


A nice snowy day

Lady looooves the snow

Our appetizers




Cheese, please!

My 100 Days of Kindness is almost over, I can’t believe it! I wish I could have done more profound acts of kindness, but I am proud of myself for making sure I’ve integrated kindness into my daily activities and to-do’s. I still have a few more ‘kind things’ to accomplish before my 100 days are up, but I’d also love some suggestions if you have any. Let me know!

I hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend. :)