Just dance

I love dancing. I often get the urge to bust out a few moves during the day, but I hardly feel that’s appropriate to do at the office. Sometimes there are weekends when I literally have to go out one night and dance or else I could potentially combust.

I have a favorite dance move , as most (highly) professional dancers – such as myself – do. What could it be you ask?

Why, it’s the robot of course!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

There are some moves that you just know you’ve absolutely, 100%  perfected. You got those moves down. You can do them in your sleep. You do do them in your sleep. These moves don’t necessarily mean you’re trying to look sexy or cool, or that you’re ready for a dance off against Britney Spears back when she was sixteen and all “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Nope, these dance moves are 100% pure fun and enjoyment. Stupidity and foolishness included. :)

What’s your signature move?