Hey, It’s OK…

…to freak out.

…to be very, very, very excited for Thanksgiving.

…to think the Kardashian Klan is kompletely krazy, but also secretly think they’re pretty damn smart (hey, they’re the ones getting paid to shop, chat, dress up and go out on the town — they ain’t sittin’ in a cube all day!)

…to change your hair color with the seasons.

…to have a light lunch so you feel okay about stuffing your face for dinner.

…to be sad that Regis is leaving — it’s the end of an era.

…to also be sad that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are getting a divorce. I thought they were one of the good celebrity couples (is there such a thing?). You screwed that one up Ashton!

…to cry during holiday commercials (they’ll get ya!)

…to wish you could wear sweatpants to work some days (especially when it gets really cold!)

…to prefer reading physical books vs. reading them electronically (and vice versa).


I’m off to the North End for dinner tonight and Mohegan Sun tomorrow – woop woop! Hope everyone has a great weekend. :)