I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

We had a lovely time! Here’s a snippet:

Ready to dye our eggs!

Mom and Heather in action :)

Lola wanted to dye some too

Look at those gorgeous colors!

Didn't have crayons, so we used candles to make designs thanks to Mumsy!

There she goes!

Colin & Colleen :)

Heather's wonderful little smiley

Boy, did I ‘ever save’ with Eversave

First and foremost, Easter was wonderful yesterday. We went to mass bright and early and since it was beautiful out again we hung out outside most of the day. We did come in for a delicious dinner and an amazing Celtics game (more on that in a minute…)

Some pictures from dinner and most importantly dessert…

All set for dinner!

mmm mmm good - Mrs. Temple's lemon cookies !

Ricotta pie - so good !

Another shot of the ricotta pie

Lots of extra hard boiled eggs lying around from Easter? Try some of these recipes from Women’s Health Magazine!


Ok back to the Celtics… At this point I don’t even care how up and down they’ve been lately because you know why? They put Lebron in his place yesterday, which in turn put Celtics fans in their place as well – their happy place. The game was a nail biter and I honestly didn’t know if they could finish. They were up twenty points at times – they were ahead the whole game – but at the end it was thisclose! I’m pretty sure Lebron along with the rest of the Cavs thought they were going to pull through and win, but they didn’t! I’m so proud of the Celts! C’s 117, Cavs 113 :)

Yesterday was also opening day at Fenway – the Sox played the Yanks – and also won! Big day for Boston sport’s fans! Sox 9, Yankees 7.


http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2010/04/there_really_is_a_dr_dre-jay-z.html – Dr. Dre was at the game showing off some of his new ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ Red Sox headphones. He also said that his first single off his new album Detox features Jay-Z (called ‘Under Pressure.’ Sounds intriguing…)

This little boy is amazing –

In other Red Sox news, Victoria’s Secret is now selling MLB gear to make the ladies (and the men?) happy. Check it out –


Today’s Groupon is $20 for $40 worth of Indian Cuisine and Drinks at Tantric India Bistro – 123 Stuart Street, Boston



Their side deal is $12 for $25 worth of tea and accessories from the Tea District


Redeem online here – http://www.teadistrict.com/

Today’s coupon from CoupMe is $15 for $30 worth of gourmet tea and coffee delivered to your door



Today’s deal from LivingSocial is $120 to spend on dance classes for only $30 at the Balera School of Ballroom Dance in Newton!



Rialto Restaurant offers $1 oysters on Mondays starting at 5:30pm at One Bennett Street, Harvard Square. Check it out –


The Red Rock Bistro (Swampscott) also has $1 oysters on Monday, as well as $1 Sliders, Corndogs and Grilled shrimp!


Want to ‘Find Wine on a Tight Budget’? Go to the Boston Wine School’s class this Wednesday (April 7th) from 6:30pm-8:30pm and taste affordable wines around the $10 mark.

More info here – http://www.bostonwineschool.com/

Purchase tickets here – https://www.localwineevents.com/tickets/i_want/295465

The people have spoken – Lady Gaga is most influential –


Great tips for shopping on a budget from Style Boston –


And, lastly I will leave you with this –

I *just* found out about http://www.eversave.com/boston. They just launched their website and are ready to bring you the *best* deals around the Boston area. Not only are they bringing you amazing deals, you’ll be giving back to the community with each purchase. 10% of the proceeds from select ‘Saves’ will go to local schools and charities. Think about it, you’ll actually be feeling good (not guilty)about spending! It’s a *win-win-win* situation – you get an awesome gift certificate to the hottest restaurants, spas, hotels, classes, etc., you save money, and you’re giving back to those in need. Gotta love that combo! :)

Read more here –


Today’s deal at Eversave (Boston edition) is $25 for $50 worth of food and drinks at Mantra – 52 Temple Place, Boston. Sounds amazing! More information at Mantra’s website here – http://www.mantrarestaurant.com/


Get this devil off my shoulder!

When I run, there is a devil on one of my shoulders and an angel on the other. The devil is a mean little bastard who tells me it’s okay to give up, to stop running, to just walk the rest of the way. The angel tells me I’m doing great, to keep pushing, and that if I quit now I’ll never be able to run the half marathon so I better suck it up.

Today my run was 9.5 miles (it’s really supposed to be tomorrow but since it’s Easter I figured I better run it today.) I went at about 9:30 this morning and it was already very hot. It’s 82 degrees out right now! The heat added a bit of a challenge, but other than that I would say the run went pretty well. I didn’t have my iPod charged, so running that long without music was difficult, I don’t think I’d do that again – the angel and devil are too loud without music. 

If you ever have the chance to run outside in Vermont, I’d say take it. While running, I was thinking how lucky I was to have the mountains surrounding me, such beauty is inspiring. (Although at times I was thinking how unlucky I was to be running 9.5 miles in 80 degree weather, but thats neither here nor there…) I don’t know how I did it, but I did! I finished and am another step closer to crossing that finish line. 

In other news… 

Looking for restaurant/food events going on in April? @HiddenBoston (on Twitter) posted this link and it has a ton of good information – http://www.bostonrestaurants.blogspot.com/search/label/restaurant%20events 

So the iPad made its debut today. People are lining up all over the place. I don’t understand this to be honest. Does Apple trick people? Do they brainwash them? Why are these people standing in line for hours to get a new piece of technology? Don’t these people realize that Apple will release a cheaper, upgraded version in a few months? 


Since today is so beautiful, the Temple’s are having some people over and we’re gonna grill outside! This means I get to have some of my favorite foods – hamburgers + Mrs. Temple’s delicious grilled shrimp! They feed me well when I come up here. Good thing I did some running this morning… 

Well, in observance of Easter I think I’ll take the day off from blogging tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed Easter with their families! :) 

Some funny Easter pictures for y’all… 

Because I date a hunter...

Funny Easter baby


‘Num nums?’ Really?

First and foremost – I am pretttty sure he doesn’t read my famous blog, but in any case I’d like to give a shout out to an amazing man, Fr. Jim! Happy Birthday!!

Ok, so my singing co-worker is at it again! Although it’s ridiculous work behavior, maybe it’s good for me to hear about ‘praising Him’ in order to get in the Easter spirit?

Another lady in the cube right around the corner from me (I won’t go into detail too much on this one, that would take a while…) was just on the phone and said the word ‘num nums’ in reference to her food. I have a major problem with a grown woman using this word/phrase (whatever it is!) Understandable if a cute little five-year-old is saying it, it’s even understandable when parents use ‘baby-talk’ around their kids (although, that can quickly spiral out of control) but it is 150% not understandable when a grown woman says ‘num-nums’ at work, out loud, on the phone, with no children in sight.

In other news, today is April Fool’s Day, so for all you fools out there – have a happy one! I don’t currently have any plans to trick anyone today, but hey ya never know. Ideas are welcome.

Gadling.com has a great prank on their site – Virgin America and American Apparel are merging into ‘Virgin Apparel’ and passengers are required to wear leotards, oh the horror!


Also – Google, Starbucks and The Food Network are getting in on the foolish fun!



*Free* wine tasting + discounted Wine Riot tickets at Huntington Wine and Spirits tonight from 5pm-7pm tonight


Today’s Buywithme is $15 for $30 at the new Boston Wine Exchange downtown


Today’s Groupon is $15 for $30 worth of pizza and drinks a la Cafe 47 – 47 Mass Ave, Boston (617) 536-1577



New search engine helps you find new restaurants, bars, clubs, places, people, etc. all based on what you already like!

Check it out – www.sortuv.com

Tonight at Bombay Club from 6pm-10pm they have a $10 all-you-can-eat special! 1415 Washington St (617) 247-2500


Night wine bar at Central Bottle – 195 Mass Ave, Central Square (617) 225-0040 – $1 wine bar! Today from 5pm-9pm


Today is ‘Thrifty Fifty Tuesday’ at the GSpa – 35 Newbury Street, Boston – Receive 50% of all colors and cuts. If you mention their new esthetician Caitlin, you can receive 50% of all facials/waxing as well! Only valid today. www.gspa.com *Call for an appointment (617) 267-4772, mention facebook while booking.

Every Thursday at Dbar, the guests get to pick the music. Make sure you bring your iPod or iPhone and your playlist could be featured. (617) 265-4490.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this – tomorrow is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day – here are some good places around Boston to go to in order to get your fix http://www.citysearch.com/list/188441

I have some interesting plans tonight. Will share more later…

Have a great rest of the day! :)