Hey, It’s OK…

…to believe in signs (I’m pretty sure I got one from my Nana last night)

…to get your hopes up (hey, it’s hard not to do sometimes)

…to only pay attention to the Super Bowl because either A: you’re very interested in winning your office’s pool, B: you love the snacks or C: the commercials, duh

…to truly love and appreciate the fact that the Improper Bostonian is free

…to count down the hours…minutes…seconds…to the start of the weekend

…to melt at the sound of a southern accent

…to treat yourself to lunch on a Friday afternoon (I’m talking to you, delicious turkey sandwich with lettuce tomato and pickles on toasted bread)

…to hope Madonna sings her old classics and not all new shizz we don’t know the words to yet

…to be sad for Demi Moore

…to to be scared of the word ‘change’. But…to also be excited, happy, nervous, ready, etc. That word can conjure up a million different things for all different people

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a wonderful Super Bowl weekend. Eat lots of great food and enjoy lots of great company. :)

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Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!

Hoppy (early) Father’s Day!

If you’re anything like me (and my siblings) you LOVE your Pops! He is the man who has always been there for you providing unconditional love, support and wisdom throughout the journey. Now, that deserves an amazing Father’s Day present don’t you think?

Still trying to think of what you can get Dad (other than a tired tie!)? I have three awesome, quick solutions for you.

1. Like Jim Koch says, “give him something he really wants” this year. And what might that be, you ask? A Hoppy Father’s Day gift basket from Sam Adams and FromYouFlowers.com! This pairs a Sam Adams glass with a wood grilling plank, beef spice rub blend (both designed to enhance flavors), a Sam Adams keychain, hat. jar of Bavarian Noble hop ‘flowers’ and an assortment of dried fruits and nuts. All perfectly designed to arrive on your Dad’s doorstep just in time to enjoy a cold beer on the deck in the warm summer sun. :)

This gift basket will be available exclusively at FromYouFlowers.com in limited quantities for $39.99. Visit FromYouFlowers.com to order online or call 1.800.838.8853 for phone orders. They also have lots of other great stuff on their site as well!

2. Want something a little flashier? Get Pops a batch of Sam Adams Utopias – Jim Koch’s signature extreme beer. The folks at Sam Adams say this is “Meant to be savored like a vintage fortified win or fine cognac, this strong, rich, uncarbonated dark beer is best served as a two-ounce pour at room temperature in a snifter glass.”

This concoction is a blend of liquids, aged in wood casks for up to 18 years. This aging process enhances the distinct vanilla, maple and cocoa flavors. There is also a hint of ginger and cinnamon. These flavors intensify over time and becomes even better with age. Just like Pops! There has been a limited distribution of this in the area (in really cool bottles your Dad will LOVE!) so hurry, go snatch one up. Suggested retail price, $150.

3. Last suggestion I have? Eversave.com! For one, we have a REALLY good wine Save up from Wine.com — $70 worth of wine for $35. And if you use promo code DAD , guess what? You score yourself $5 off. Cheers to that!

We also have a ton of great restaurant Saves up, because we are celebrating ‘Father’s Day Restaurant Week’ at Eversave Boston, so see what restaurants are in Dad’s neck of the woods and buy him a Save to use — or buy one and take him out for a lovely dinner together!

100 Days of Kindness, Day 11

First – Happy Veterans Day!

Second – My ‘nice’ for today:

I want to share my promo code with you guys for today’s Save at Eversave! It’s a great one – at The Talk Restaurant in Watertown. Instead of paying $20 for $40 worth of food and drinks, you can pay $17 for $40 with this code PRO1. This will deduct $3.00 off your purchase. All you have to do is enter PRO1 in the promo code box when you’re ready to check out and pay. This will be valid for today and tomorrow only. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

I hope you get to enjoy The Talk! :)

Salt n’ Pepa & Heavy D up in the limousine

Having both a blog and a full-time job that require a huge social media aspect is interesting. The question I’ve been trying to answer is, do I blend them? Do I let one cross over into the other? Is it okay to mix my personal blog with the business aspect of my life?

I’m pretty sure I’ve ultimately decided I’m not going to intertwine the two. At least for now. That will be too confusing/too much for me. However, today’s deal is really cool and I’m pumped about it so I figured I would share. I won’t bombard you with the daily Saves on my blog, if you’re interested please sign up for the daily email that way you’ll know what we’re featuring every day. We get some really awesome Saves so it’s worth checking out!

Anyway, it truly is a company/idea I believe in, so that’s why I’m sharing this with you guys. Eversave really helps connect the community through getting great deals with local merchants, donating percentages of the Saves back to local charities/school foundations and getting new customers in the door to these restaurants, spas, salons, etc. I hope you like it! Any questions, feel free to email me, dailycraic@gmail.com. Any local charities you’d love to see partnered with Eversave, give me a shout as well and we can work to make it happen.

So, today and tomorrow we’re featuring Sunset Limousine on our site. You pay $50 to get $100 towards any limo or party bus rental. Personally I think this is pretty sweet. We friggin loved party buses in college, they were such a great time for birthday parties, so this would definitely be good if you have a birthday or a friend’s birthday coming up. Also great for wedding parties or bachelorettes. Good for Pat’s games, concerts, kids birthdays, etc. If you like the sound of it, check it out! Thanks for listening to my schpeal. :)

More info? Check it out here.

Flip, flip… Flipadelphia

So I went on my first business trip ever last week from Thursday – Saturday morning. I am such a big girl. I’m even getting my own business cards! I’m so legit!!

Anyway, we were there because we had our Philadelphia launch party on Friday night. We got to see a lot of the city on Thursday and Friday which was nice. There was lots of sunshine, laughing, and random things that happened. I took a lot of photos so I’ll let them do the explaining since I’m too tired to do it myself…

The Last Drop Cafe

Where we met up with Jess from City Girls World!

Such pretty townhouses


The Addams Family... dun dun dun dun

Kim and Jess walking

So pretty!

Be yourself!



Just loving the love sign, NBD


Made a new friend!

The most AMAZING, free cookies I've ever had in my life in the lobby. Thanks Hilton Garden Inn!

Paddy Whacks!

Kim and Jess at our little table

Inside the bar...

Beer. Yay!

The whole crew

My Boston friends in Philly! Nicole and Amanda made an appearance at ze party!

Philly is a great city, I’m so happy I got to go! For those of you who live there feel free to check out Eversave!

Healthworks Blogger Bash!

Last night I attended the Healthworks Blogger Bash and it was awesome! I had such a great time mixing and mingling with all the fabulous women in attendance (there were about twenty of us.) Since I’m a relatively new blogger to the scene it was great to ask questions and get some answers from the more experienced bloggoddesses (just made that word up woopwoop.)

We started with a spin class at Healthworks Back Bay (I was so late! but snuck in a pretty decent workout for those 25 minutes!) The instructor Eden Kessler was amazing, she played such good music. I wanted to hop off the bike and dance. After the class we showered and got ready in the beautiful locker rooms (I had some Vita Coco coconut water as well – very refreshing.) We met back in the lobby once everyone was beautified and headed to the T. All twenty bloggers plus the wonderful Healthworks ladies – Hannah and Judith – hopped on the T with all our swag. I felt like a kid again on a school field trip! :) The only thing we were missing were those leash things to hold everyone together!


Blogger bunch making our way to Alibi...

Next stop was Alibi in the Liberty Hotel – which was once the Charles Street Jail. I had never been before so I was very excited! I’ve heard great things about Alibi and I must say, they are all true. The decor is fun, playing on the jail theme – celebrity mug shots line the walls which is really funny. There is an awesome outdoor patio – which was packed (so obviously the place is good!), the couches are comfy, the lighting is perfect, the food provided for us from Scampo = SO delicious.

The Liberty Hotel

Such a glam mug shot

Bloggers mingling

Introductions :)

We were provided with amazing cocktails (thanks to Ripe drink mixers and Double Cross Vodka!) They were perfection- I started off with the strawberry Tom Collins drink they had going on (including some basil in there which was such a pleasant surprise – probably going to be my new summer drink) and then I moved on to a Bloody Mary (nice little kick to it) and even had a shrimp and a (green – my fave) olive on top. YUM!

Strawberry deliciousness

I heart Bloody Mary's

Some food pictures… (Coincidentally I am starving right now and these pics arent helping!) –

I think I had dreams about this last night...

It was so great to meet a whole new group of people! All the bloggers were there – Meghan, Chelsee, Leslie, Jean, Julie, Alicia, Elina, Tina, the Healthworks bloggers, and a bunch of other fabulous ladies. Nice to chat with everyone!

When I got home I was blown away by the wonderful swag bags we received – can’t thank Hannah, Judith and all of Healthworks enough! So generous. :)

Siggi's bag!


We got popchips, Mad Hectic Oatmeal, Healthworks hat, Luna bars, Eversave.com gift cards, City Sports Boston t-shirt, NUX sportsbra, 50-minute massage at Healthworks, Siggis coupons, a gift card to SkinHealth Centers for a spray tan, complimentary cut and color from Rock, Paper, Scissors hair salon on Newbury Street, a free task from Task Rabbit, and MORE. Like seriously, outrageously good swag! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Healthworks is also giving the daily craic readers a free trial! Get your 3-day pass here!

The blogger bash was such a success and I am so happy I got to be apart of it! I love hanging out with other smart, interesting ladies (cause obviously I’m smart and interesting too – toot toot – that’s me tooting my own horn.)

OK I’m out – have a great weekend! HAPPY FRIDAY!

I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys ‘R’ Us kid…

Growing up is tough.

I’ve always know this. I mean, doesn’t everyone? But lately I’ve really, truly been realizing how overwhelming it can be. Lots of changes are happening and along with said changes come a plethora of emotions. I am an ’emotional creature’ (if I may borrow these words from Eve Ensler) and when I feel something, I really feel it. So since a lot has been coming at me, I’ve been giving a lot back emotionally and it can be draining. On one hand I may feel overwhelmed, but on the other hand, I feel so positive about all these changes. I’m excited and I feel as though I’m in a really good place right now. Maybe I just need a thicker skin if I’m going to be a big girl…

May 1st marks the start of an important month for me. I turn 24 on the first of May and I’m currently feeling very adult like. Are you supposed to start feeling like this in your mid-twenties?

I’m leaving my current job and starting a new job on May 10th. This was a tough decision but ultimately I believe I made the right one. I’m investing in my career and hoping to make my mark out there in the world (what an adult like thing to say, right?!)

I’m moving out of my current apartment in Andover which I share with my sister Meg and her fiance Matt, to an apartment in South Boston with a few girlfriends from college. I’m sad to leave Meg and Matt because I love living with them, but since they’re getting married in July I figured I better get out of their way! At the same time, I’m excited to live with the girls and be closer to Boston/all the action. Should be a fun summer. :)

Lastly, I bought my first set of tires today. How thrilling – NOT ! Apparently big girls take care of their cars and when their cars need new tires they whip out the ol’ credit card and make that Chevy feel better. I was under the impression Ol’ Betsy would be getting an oil change for $19.99 but was sorely mistaken. Four tires, an oil change, glueing the rearview mirror back on (yes, this is the second time it has fallen. Yikes!) and $450 later I was feeling extremely adult-like and I’m not sure that I liked it very much. Can I stay 23? I don’t think I want to be 24 anymore.

On to today’s news –

To benefit local fire stations Baskin Robbins will be hosting 31 cent scoop night from 5pm-10pm. You know I’m gonna take advantage of that! In about ten minutes to be precise…

Attention caffeine addicts! Today’s Save is $15 for $30 worth of coffee/tea on www.CoffeeForLess.com Buy now –


I just found a new,  cute blog – The Economical Eater – and saw that The Living Room offers great happy hour specials! Check it out –


It’s Derby time! Looking for a party? Head to Drink this Saturday (from 3pm-7pm) for cocktails, food, bow ties, seersucker, outrageous hats and preppiness galore. Drink – 348 Congress Street, Fort Point – (617) 695-1806. Tickets $45 and don’t forget your hippest hat for their competition. Review of Drink from www.drinkboston.com


Don’t want to Derby? Go to Ladies Luxury Escape at the Millenium Bostonian Hotel on Saturday from 11am-7pm to check out dozens of boutiques, spas, salons, etc. General admission tickets are only $10! More info here –


What’s better than flea market browsing on a Sunday afternoon? Not much. So, go to the Top Shelf Flea Market presented by An Affordable Wardrobe. Where? 371 Summer Street, Somerville. When? Sunday 12pm-6pm. Why? Because it’s *free* and it sounds awesome. More info here –


I hope tonight brings you something wonderful. I’m headed to get my 31 cent ice cream and then to play Stump trivia with some friends. We’re hoping to take home the gold tonight. Wish us luck!

Happy Earth Day!

10 Ways to be Green:


1. Public transportation. Gotta love it.

Oooh the T...











2. Don’t use pesticides on your lawn.












3. Buy a reusable water bottle and use it. All the time. Stop buying bottled water.

Cute one - Barnesandnoble.com










4. Use reusable bags to carry your lunch in everyday and/or your groceries.











5. Air dry your clothes! You have the right to Air Dry! (Vermonters will get this)









6. Ride a bike/walk if possible.








7. Keep your shower short (This one is VERY HARD FOR ME!) Or don’t shower at all? Hmmm, actually maybe not. People don’t like stinky people.










8. Recycle. Duh! Recycle bins are everywhere. USE them. Put them in your home. They are necessary.

  9. Turn the lights off when you leave the room. Easy peasy.












10. Never ever litter. It’s lame and out of style. How would you like if someone came and dumped their trash in your house? You wouldn’t. The birds, bees, squirrels, etc. don’t either.

ECO Runway from Rent the Runway http://www.renttherunway.com/ecorunway

Happy Earth Day from Nicole Richie! http://nicolerichie.celebuzz.com/2010/04/nicole-richie-earth-day/

Tomorrow is Friday, YAY! Do something nice for someone tomorrow in celebration of the weekend. Why not right? Here are some ideas from Oprah –


Today’s SAVE from Eversave –


Have a great rest of your Thursday/Earth Day :)