Things my Dad taught me…

1. To work hard and take pride in the work I put out into the world

2. To respect myself and others around me

3. To love my family unconditionally and to stay connected with one another no matter where we are. To always have each others back

4. To be brave, to take risks and to be confident in the fact that I can do anything I set my mind on. I’m working on writing a book, and my father and mother are two of the most encouraging people, even when I think or say to myself, “who the hell do I think I am writing a book?”

5. To be generous, giving and compassionate

6. For Colin and I to always work at our relationship. My parents work at their relationship every day and you can tell they are very much in love. They are good to each other – even though they fight at times, or disagree on things – they make a great team

7. To have a strong faith, and to nurture it

8. To continue to challenge myself, to strive to become a better person every day

9. Not to take myself too seriously. There is always some time for fun, laughter and jokes

10. To be a good person, a happy person

Happy Father’s Day Pops! I wish we were there in good ol’ London with you! I love you!

The best dad!

Lovely wife and wonderful children (if I do say so myself)

Hoppy (early) Father’s Day!

If you’re anything like me (and my siblings) you LOVE your Pops! He is the man who has always been there for you providing unconditional love, support and wisdom throughout the journey. Now, that deserves an amazing Father’s Day present don’t you think?

Still trying to think of what you can get Dad (other than a tired tie!)? I have three awesome, quick solutions for you.

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This concoction is a blend of liquids, aged in wood casks for up to 18 years. This aging process enhances the distinct vanilla, maple and cocoa flavors. There is also a hint of ginger and cinnamon. These flavors intensify over time and becomes even better with age. Just like Pops! There has been a limited distribution of this in the area (in really cool bottles your Dad will LOVE!) so hurry, go snatch one up. Suggested retail price, $150.

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We also have a ton of great restaurant Saves up, because we are celebrating ‘Father’s Day Restaurant Week’ at Eversave Boston, so see what restaurants are in Dad’s neck of the woods and buy him a Save to use — or buy one and take him out for a lovely dinner together!

Happy Father’s Day!

My father is one of the most important people in my life. He always has been and always will be. He is the man who has always been there for me no matter what. The  man I can always count on to give me advice, help me with any and all things financial, loan me money when I need it, the man who would slip me some extra cash when I was heading back to school because he knew I needed it, who would drive me to countless basketball practices and tournaments, cheer me on at every sporting event, the list could go on and on and on. For twenty-four years my dad has been amazing to me, my brother, my sisters and my mother. He has provided for us everything we would ever need, and most importantly he has provided us with a home filled with love, support and loyalty. He has taught me how to trust, how to work hard, how to live your life with determination how to stand up for yourself. He is the best father I could have ever asked for. I am so very lucky.

Dad and I dancing the waltz (one of my favorite things in the world to do with my pops!) at Catie and Chris' wedding

I decided for Father’s Day I would interview my dad using the same questions I did for Mother’s Day. :)

CM: What’s your favorite memory of Par (my grandpa) growing up?

KM: Taking me to Ireland for first time when I was ten.

CM: Did you always know you wanted to get married, have children?

KM: Did I always know that? Not when I was six years old I didn’t.(haha)

CM: What about when you met Mom?

KM: Yes, then I did.

CM: Did you always know you wanted to have a lot of children?

KM: Yes when I knew I was going to get married I knew I wanted to have a lot of children.

CM: Ever consider having more than 5?

KM: Yes we considered it but couldn’t necessarily have more than 5.

CM: Describe your feelings when mom got pregnant for the first time.

KM: I was elated!

CM: Were you nervous?

KM: Not at all!

CM: Did you want to know what you and mom were having with any of us?

KM: Nope, it didn’t matter.

CM: You glad you got at least one boy at of it?

KM: I’m very glad we have Patrick, but it wouldn’t have mattered if he was Patricia.

CM: Childbirth in one word?

KM: Awesome. The word awesome is used much too frequently today. People use this word to describe ‘good’ things. If you look it up the dictionary, is its extra special, it’s spectacular. When someone today says, ‘that song is awesome,’ it’s the incorrect use of the word. Childbirth is truly awesome.

CM: What has been the most rewarding thing about being a father?

KM: Seeing all five of my children who are all completely different, grow up and go on with their lives.

CM: What has been the most challenging?

KM: When any of my children doesn’t take my advice.

CM: How did you raise such fabulous (if I do say so myself) children?

KM: I don’t know, if I did I’d write a book and become a millionaire.

CM: Can you tell me about some of your most proud moments throughout fatherhood?

KM: That’s gonna take a while… Some of my most proud moments have been seeing Megan graduate from the Academy of St. Joseph then Merrimack, seeing her do her volunteer year, seeing Pat grad from Chaminade, and perform at Carolines in NYC, watching all the basketball games, seeing you graduate from St. Anthony’s and Merrimack, watching you do your volunteer year and getting to visit you in Chicago, Kelly when she did that painting for the Winter family, Molly getting accepted to St. Marys and going to school there.

CM: Have you ever felt like you were a ‘bad father’?

KM: I never felt like I was a bad father but I felt like I could have been a better father.

CM: What makes you a good father?

KM: The fact that I always wanted to be a father and that I enjoy being a father. When you enjoy what you do, you have a tendency to do it well. (I couldn’t agree more.)

CM: Would you do anything differently over the years of raising us?

KM: I’d be more patient, I’d listen more, I would be more open to different ideas.

CM: Do you think I’ll be a good mother?

KM: I think you’ll be a great mother!

CM: What do you find difficult now that we’re grown up?

KM: You guys not being around me.

CM: Rewarding now?

KM: That you’re starting your own lives as adults.

CM: Do you look forward to being a grandfather?

KM: Yes!

CM: Aside from your own father, who has been your ‘model father,’ someone you aspire to be like as a father?

KM: Donald Barclay, he was a great father.

CM: Advice to first time fathers today?

KM: Yea, the advice is that you should put your children before your job. And enjoy them when they’re little because time goes by too fast.

When I was little I always wanted to be like my pops. From a very young age I would tell people I was going to go to Notre Dame and that I wanted to be a lawyer. Although neither of these happened, I still aspire to live a life like my dad has. He is amazing, I don’t know how he does it all. He is the hardest worker I know – he is damn good at what he does, and he loves his work. He is an outstanding husband; my mom and dad have both a loving relationship and a bond of strong friendship which has always taught me that you and your significant other have to know how to have fun together and make each other laugh. The most loyal friend you could ever want, my dad has also shown me the importance of friendship and helping your friends when they need it. He also  has an amazingly strong faith and deep belief in God which he has passed on to his children.

My dad has always been one of my biggest fans, he has come to every one of my sporting events to cheer me on. He even coached my CYO teams growing up and was such a good coach! All my teammates loved him, he always gave everyone a fair chance and was so patient with us (even though we were a bunch of loud, 5th-8th grade girls!)  He has taught me everything I know about the game of basketball and is the reason why I love the sport. I remember going to Knick games with him all the time when I was little – it was my favorite ‘Dad and Colleen’ thing to do. It was always the special time I got to spend with my dad all by myself (and with four siblings it was tough to get time to yourself.) These are some of my most fond childhood memories and although I’m now a proud Celtics fan (and although my dad might not approve of that – sorry pops!) I will always have a place in my heart for the New York Knicks and the time I’ve spent cheering them on with my father.

My dad was always around for us even though he has a busy and often times stressful job. He has shown us how to live your life with determination, how to take pride in your work. He has always wanted to see us do our best and has expected nothing less. This has helped me accomplish all that I have in my life and I am so thankful for it.

My dad is the type of person that just makes you happy. His rosy cheeks and big blue eyes always make my heart smile. He is hilarious and kind. He is smart and often times he is right. I have listened to years of advice from him. Have I taken it all? Nope. Should I have? Most of it, yes haha. Will I continue to ask for advice? Of course. I have learned SO much from him and know that I have a long ways to go. I’m very much like my father and I think that’s why we argue sometimes (a decent amount in high school – I’m sorry for being a know it all, dad!) From all the help with school loans, not killing me when I momentarily lost my scholarship in college, and not kicking me out of the house when I had an outrageously high phone bill in high school, I’m blessed that my father still loves me as much as he does!

Dad, we may argue sometimes, I have acted ungrateful at times, I have taken your advice for granted at times, but throughout the years I have known that you will be there for me no matter what and that you will always support and love me. I can’t tell you how absolutely wonderful that is to know. How comforting that feels. I love you so much and I thank you for every. single. thing. you have done for me throughout my twenty-four years. I am blessed and lucky and so very happy to call you dad. Thanks pops, I love you! Happy Father’s Day!
And to the amazing man who raised my equally amazing father, Happy Father’s Day to you too Par! Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for all of us! Hope you had a great day – I wish I were home with you guys and am sorry that I couldn’t be. I can’t wait to see you in Ireland for the big wedding! I love you!

Dad and I in the Outerbanks

Dad with his girls

With that I’ll leave you with this:

Paul Pierce on fatherhood borrowed from On Tap For Today

World’s most important job: being a good dad, Obama says.