TV Diner!

My co-worker, Heidi was nice enough to invite me to a taping of TV Diner today – it was such a good time!

It was a laid back, casual atmosphere. The show was filmed at the Viking Center in Westwood – it was cool to see the test kitchen and poke around the absolutely beautiful showroom designed by Westborough Design Center (one day I’ll have a big, gorgeous kitchen to cook in, right?) Lee from the Viking Center kindly answered all our questions and Ryan, the Associate Producer of TV Diner was very accommodating (and so nice!). The chefs – Joe Bartel from Flemings, Mario Capone from Towne and Michael Scelfo from Russell House Tavern – were all friendly and obviously really talented. Let me tell you – they each have their respective jobs for a damn good reason (trust me, we got to try all the food).

And of course, the lovely Billy Costa! It was fun getting the chance to chat and hang out with him. He’s very nice! Random bit of trivia – he went to Merrimack (where I graduated from) for two years and played hockey. So funny!

Check out some photos from my TV Diner adventure (thanks again Heidi!)

The Viking Center


More than 3

Almost ready to start!

Delicious filets


Filet & crab meat stuffed shrimp. AMAZING

Celery root & apple bisque with (I believe it was) a hazelnut flan. Out of this world

Can I have this please?

Love this one!


Love love love

Heidi hamming it up with her husband Brian and Billy Costa

My bud Billy and I with lots of lamb



Mmm mmm good

If today taught me anything, it was the fact that there are still SO many restaurants in Boston that I need…well maybe not need, but reeeally want to go to, including: Towne, Flemings and Russell House Tavern. I seriously have to get moving!

Don’t forget – Restaurant Week is rapidly approaching. Might just be the perfect time to check out both Flemings and Russell House. Towne, don’t you worry, I’ll be visiting you soon too. ;)

C is for Camo, Coors and Classiness

Did you step foot outside over the weekend? If so, I think it’s safe to assume your shoes are probably still wet (unless they’re Gore-tex boots. Mine are not.) and you might possibly have a broken umbrella now in the trash. It was crazy out there!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to run in our race this weekend due to the rain, so that was a bummer. We were planning on it even if it were raining lightly, but it was really coming down so we decided it just wasn’t worth getting ourselves sick over. So Colin and I went to 9:30 mass (we were a few minutes late because of Daylight Savings – it’ll getcha.) Then we rushed over to Newton to drop off Colin’s car then headed to the Southie parade. The rain might stop you from running, but it doesn’t stop you from having fun.

We took the Green line from Newton to Park St., we then took the Red line from Park to Broadway. We figured we would probably be able to grab a cab to get to our friends party. We figured wrong. We decided to just go for it – couldn’t do much else. We power walked a nice little 2 mile walk in the teeming rain. And not to brag or anything – but I’m gonna brag – we didn’t even utter one complaint to each other while trekking! We had our game faces on and nothing was stopping us.

Camo + moustache + 30 of Coors = Colin keepin’ it classy

The party we went to was so much fun – always good to see our friends from Merrimack. It’s so hard getting together now, everyone is so busy being ‘grown-ups’. You have to plan so far in advance to see each other. What happened to living in the same building, just down the hall from one another?

The trek back to Newton wasn’t as joyful as our earlier trek. I was tired, cold, wet, hungry… the list could go on…. Luckily we found a bus took it to our friends Christine and Meaghan’s (aka The Nuge) place, got some food, hung out, then found a cab back to Newton.

Overall the day was boatloads of fun! (and rain!)

Check out some of these pictures from of flooding around MA. Tomorrow’s supposed to be sunny with a high of 51. I’ll believe it when I see it.

On a rainy day such as today what would be better than a movie? The Coolidge Corner Theatre is showing Best in Show at 7pm tonight, tickets are $9.75.

*I wrote about Stoddards Fine Food & Ale the other day. Quick correction… It is not yet opened. They are hoping to have their official opening Thursday, March 18th.*

Restaurant Week in Boston is March 14-19 and March 21-26. A TON of GREAT restaurants are participating – for a full list see here: For a 3-course dinner you pay $33.10, some restaurants are even offering 2-course lunches for $15.10 or 3-course lunches for $20.10! It’ll be busy so save yourself some time by making reservations online through We are trying to decide which restaurants we’re going to go to – our top choices are Flemings, Capitol Grille, Strega, Tresca, Smith & Wollenskys. Wish we could go to all of them!

Other exciting food news, Finale is doing a chocolate/wine tasting tomorrow from 6:30pm-8pm at 1306 Beacon Street, Coolidge Corner (617) 232-3233, reservations required. More info here:

Colin sent me an interesting quiz today, to test your financial fluency. I got a 50 – terrible! Looks like I have to brush up on my stocks/bonds/savings/retirement knowledge. Luckily I’m taking a 2 week course all about the stock market in April, so that should help a little. :) Also, here is an interesting article about the vital years for retirement planning:,28804,1930805_1931673_1931666,00.html 

With that, I’ll leave you with this: Lady Gaga has said ‘yes’ to ‘Glee’

I can only imagine what this will bring! Can’t wait for Glee to come back in April!